Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Time and the living is easy....or not....What!, It's over????!!!

Oh Summer, where for art thou summer? 

You sauntered in all cold and rainy, you stayed for but a minute all hot, sticky and ugly--now you sneak away like a thief in the night.  Taking all the joy and freedom with you.

School begins once again, vacations are but a memory...Fall is just around the corner....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to school Shopping list


Yeah, yeah, I know--I'm a big loser for doing the back to school list--but hear me out.

DD left for 2 weeks at her grandparents house yesterday, she comes back on the 1st, has a crazy week upon her return, we then leave for Gaitlinburg on the 6th, come back on the 12th and school starts on the 22nd.  (Whew--tired just typing that.)

Do you know what kind of picked over crap will be left that 3rd week of August?  Yeah--that is why we went this weekend. Also, as any parent of a "tweener" will know, NOTHING is bought for the child without them picking it out themselves--you might as well just set fire to your wallet--because bringing something home without approval is a PROMISE that it will never get touched.

I digress....

TEACHERS!  WTF!  Why is there always one elusive item on your list every year?  For me, it's TWO ERASEABLE RED pens.  I can find blue, I can find black--no worries.  I went to Wally World, Meijer, Office Max and Office Depot before I basically said F-THIS!

I googled them online and can get them at STAPLES--oh, but there is only ONE of them within 30 miles of my house and it's in the ghetto--with gas as high as it is, I am also not driving 25 miles for a freaking PEN. 

Rumor has it that Target has them ON OCCASION--so the gal told me to just keep "checking back". Whatever.  So, if my kid is the one that shows up with her 2 STANDARD red pens, you can just suck it up.

End rant

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Death of an old friend

I know it's been forever since I have written, but I just have not been feeling it...

Now I am feeling too many emotions to even get them down on paper/screen/interwebs..

An old friend from my MUCH younger days has been murdered.  I am filled with shock and sadness at this horrible event.

He was just a normal guy...would do anything for anyone.  If you needed something and he had it--it was yours.  He was a simple man, worked hard all his life.  He was just that type of man

He fought his demons, he raised 2 sons, he took care of his aging mother...He was just that kind of man

I remember Randy working on my Honda Civic--bitching the whole time that I bought a foreign POS and maybe I wouldn't have problems if I bought American--but he still made sure my car was safe and that I could get where I was going. He was just that kind of man...

I remember playing DartBall at the local union hall--Randy serving as our "protector" as we were some pretty naive little girls and we were always doing stupid shit--he kept us alive sometimes--I swear!  He was just that kind of man...

He loved my best friend--they almost got married.  Selfishly, I wish they would have, things would have been so different and her path in life might have taken different turns and I would still have her around daily.  But that was not to be and now she is broken hearted...

It all changed in one night.

His youngest son's High school graduation party was going on..for whatever reason Randy went up to the gas station...some idiot was causing trouble and Randy stepped in to help. A decision that ended his life.

How does another human being look into the eyes of a person standing in front of him and slam down on the gas pedal? How does that evil drag a human being 63 feet under his van and crush him to death? How does that evil sit in a courtroom and plead not guilty during his arraignment?

How does one man destroy a family and leave 2 young men without a father?  All because the evil man's son was a hot head and could not control his temper?  All because the Toledo Police department didn't have enough man power on a Saturday night to respond to an assault in progress?

I just don't understand..........

God Bless you Randy...Godspeed my friend...Rest in Peace

Friday, April 8, 2011

How is it possbile....

How is it possible for my DD to be 10 years old?  I just gave birth to her right?  She is no longer a baby, when did this happen?

Dear sweet little girl who stole my heart, you have grown into this amazing child. 

So kind, so compassionate, so funny--I am filled with joy.

Your smart mouth and so much attitude-- so much like me in so many ways that it drives me crazy! 

Your mannerisms, your intelligence, your smile--they overwhelm me!

Your inability to clean your room, to pick up your crap or to brush your hair--sends me to the freaking EDGE!

Your curiosity, your bravery, your ability to forgive--it makes me proud!

Your singing, you teaching smaller children, your patience--makes my heart full.

All of these things make you the wonderful daughter that you are and I am SO glad to be your Mom!

Happy 10th Birthday baby!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No time to catch up, so I stole a MEME

Okay, the rules are as follows (if you are so inclined to join me either on your own blog or in the comments below):

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.



Voodoo--- Godsmack


Raise your glass--Pink


Practice what you Preach--Barry White


Russian Roulette--Rihanna


Rocket Man--Elton John


In the Name of Love--U2


No Scrubs--TLC


Most Beautiful Girl in The World---Prince




Pretty Woman--Van Halen


I love Rock & Roll--Joan Jett and the Blackhearts






Folsom Prison Blues--Johnny Cash


Don't stop til you get enough--Michael Jackon


One Love--Bob Marley

Wow--do I have a crazy eclectic mix on my IPod!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


OK--it may only be exciting to me, but guess what I saw today?????

THE FIRST ROBIN OF SPRING!!!  Could it be, yes, I think there just might be hope that this long hard cold cruel winter might be coming to an end.

Yes, I know it's only the middle of March and snow is still a pretty good threat around these parts, but the feeling of hope that comes with seeing that little bird just really made my day.

It's been a miserable winter around here (and I think I am getting too old to put up with this crap), but, as with all things, change happens.

I was having a really depressing morning, thinking of those suffering in Japan--the horrible images being shown on TV are enough to make me cry.  The disasterous nuclear event that is happening and could affect many, many people.  These are scary times!  I just have such a horrible feeling about what is to come. 

Then, I saw the robin.  I was remind that to everything there is a season and spring brings hope and new beginnings.......

Friday, March 11, 2011

I got nothin' So here are the ABC's of ME!

Borrowed from "Happy Hopefuls"

Twenty-Six (OR A-Z of Me, as some are calling it...)

1. Age: 42 (oh geez)

2. Blog Title Inspiration: I read blogs for years and would rarely comment thus the "Lurker" part and my life is crazy--so there you are

3. Chore You Hate: ANYTHING to do with the bathroom--I hate it ever so much!

4. Day at the Beach or Cozy Rainy Day? Day at the Beach--what could ever be better than the sun warming your face and your toes in the sand

5. Essential Start Your Day Item: Diet Mt. Dew.  Uncaffinated Lurker makes for a miserable everyone else

6. Favorite Color: PINK!

7. Gold or Silver? I go between both, but I have been on a real silver kick for the last year or so.

8. Height: 5'5''--I am not bred from tall people...

9. Instruments You Play: My grandmother attempted to teach me the piano when I was younger, but alas, I never picked it.

10.Job Title: Project Manager

11. Kids: 1 dear daughter who I love more than anything in the world (even when she won't do anything with her hair and it's hanging in her face--end rant)

12. Live: In Ohio--but is open to offers in warmer serene climates

13. Mom's Name: Mary

14. Book Currently on Your Nightstand: My Nook is on my nightstand and it's filling up fast, but I am currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  I've had it in hard back for years, but it was not really easy to carry around so I bought it for Nook.

15. Nicknames: Don't really have any...

16. Overnight Hospital Stays? Birthing the DD--extended stay due to c-section, Gall Bladder issues that had me rushed by ambulance to the hospital and kept for observation.

17. Pet Peeve: I HATE hearing people chew food--drives me nuts. 

18. Quote from a Movie: "Frankly Scarlett Dear, I don't give a damn".  Best movie and book EVAH!

19. Right or Left Handed? Right.

20. Siblings: 1 sister & 2 brothers.

21. Time You Wake Up? Well, since reaching peri-menopause, I wake up multiple times a night to toss and turn and beg the Deity to go back to sleep soon.  But if you want to know when I am SUPPOSED to get up--that would be about 6:45.

22. Underwear: Today I am rocking the ever so popular "just about to start" panties--roomie, comfortable, but old enough that you don't really care what happens to them (too much info?)  But usually I'm just a plain old Bikini girl for everyday--sometimes a thong if the outfit requires.  I hate boyshorts--they ride the wrong way and I always feel like I've got a wedge going on.

23. Vegetable You Dislike: Not a fan of celery--too stringy for my taste.

24. What Makes You Run Late: My child driving me nuts....I think she does it just to spite me.  In the morning she has 2 speeds, Turtle or snail--and I'm always running behind...

25. Yummy Food You Make: I amke lots of yummy things--Homemade Mac & Chz, Lemon Chicken, Baked Ziti and a Pasta Carbonara that is out of this world!!!

26. Zoo, Favorite Animal: Giraffe--they are so serene and have the sweetest eyes.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Did someone say LAS VEGAS?? YES PLEASE!

So yeah!  I get to go to Las Vegas!!! #WINNING !! (Thanks Charlie for the tons of laughs this past week)
It's for work, but hubby is riding my coat tails out there, so it will be a mix of business and pleasure!!!  We have not been on vacation ALONE in like forever!!

I am going out to supervise the install of 7 client booths at CON-EXPO.  The worlds largest construction trade event!!!!!!!!!!  Um--ok.  Is this the best I can get? 

I'm not complaining--because hey,I GET TO GO TO VEGAS!, but isn't there something a leeeeettttllle more glamorous than hard hats, cranes and scaffolding that I could be getting a behind the scenes look at?  No?  OK!  I guess when you live and work in the rust belt, it's part of the deal right? the airfare was a SHOCK!  YIKES!  Last time we were in Vegas (for BFF's wedding), it cost like $150.00 round trip for a ticket.  This time:  $615.00!!!  and that is before the baggage charges.  Sent my heart into complete failure!  Thank the deity that we only have to pay for one of us to get out there. We will be staying at Harrah's--I've never stayed there, but it's central to where I will need to be working and playing, and I got a great deal on that--and an upgraded room to boot.

I didn't even give it a thought that we would be in THE VEGAS for St. Patrick's day--but I hear it can be an awful lot of fun that weekend--plus March Madness all the same time.  Craziness!!!

I'm hoping to take in a good show--NO CELINE DION!--maybe one of the new Circ Shows would be cool.  I just want to go out and warm my bones.....I'm sick of winter so maybe this will be a nice kick off to spring!

Anyheeww--that is all I've got going on for now....keep the Tiger blood running thru your veins and I'll catch up with you upon my return.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "I need to get it out rant, but cannot say it out loud"

I hate your smile to my face and shoot daggers in my back. 

You think I am responsible for everything that is no longer going your way, but you are wrong.

People change and grow and just because we don't agree, I am the bad guy.

Your passive agressive ways are getting on my last nerve.

I try to communicate with you and keep you informed--you shut me out and only speak/return calls to others.

Just because it's not YOUR way, doesn't make it wrong.

Keep messing with my kid and you will pay for it dearly.

If I never have to spend another minute in your presance, I would not miss it.

I hate having to be nice to you when you are in my home.

You reap what you sew....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Weeks and I'm Free!!

Oh how I hated wearing that stupid abdominal binder--but I have been officially freed as of this morning.  Amens!! Praise Jebus!

I have been in for a check up already and my Dr. is THRILLED with how I am turning out.  He swore he never would have thought that my "baby shelf" would have disappear like it did.  He even checked his notes and wrote in 3 places that the shelf would remain--smaller, but not totally reduced.

So yeah for good genes and elastic skin! (He said that is what it all really comes down to)

I am really starting to see my "curves" take shape--the swelling is drastically reduced.  I still have "lumps and bumps" but those are the fat deposits and "ick" that are still dissolving.  They are getting smaller and smaller--I can tell the difference when I massage the areas--and the ITCHING--OMG--THE ITCHING!!  It's that internal itch that you just cannot get to--it's enough to drive me insame sometimes, but that is everything healing and it totally normal according to my surgeon.

In other news, we survived Snowmaggedon 2011--we got a lot of sleet and that helped keep our snow fall totals down around here--if you consider 8" keeping it down--but we were supposed to get double that--so I'll shut up.  It's now just colder than the snow is here to stay for a while.

Whilst holed up in my house for the past few days, I knitted my first hat--I used a loom and it was so fun and quick.  the hat was immediately commandeered by my daughter--so I guess I'll have to make another one.  I got the idea in my had that I wanted to learn how to knit--and I have taught myself the basics (Allah love the internets--you can find anything, I tell ya) and am working on 2 projects-a scarf and a baby blanket.  I just didn't see an end in sight to either project and was getting discouraged, so that is when  decided to try the hat thing--and wht do you know--I feel so good about completing that one thing, that I knitted almost another 6" on the blanke last night.  Maybe I will get it finished by the time the baby that it's for heads off to Kindergarten!!  HAHAHA!

Anyhoo---stay warm and out of trouble--if anyone out there is a "knitter", please tell me how to join "blocks" of knitting together.  That I cannot figure out......grrrr.........

Friday, January 21, 2011

One week out...

OK--so I am just over a week out from the SmartLipo and I have to tell you, I'm pretty stinking pleased!  I still have some VERY lower ab swelling and side flank swelling around my hips--but that is where he had to do the most work.

I go on Monday for my first follow up and we'll see what he says.  I have been a VERY good girl and have worn the binder RELIGIOUSLY every single stinking day.  I HATE IT!  I tried Spanx one day earlier this week and I honestly cannot tell you what was worse--actually, I can.  The SPANX are worse.  What the hell instrument of torture are those things--do people really wear them all the time?  UGH--no thanks.  Maybe after I am done being sore and swollen, I can use them to "smooth out", but my Deity, that thing is of the DEBIL~!!!

It's not really too bad wearing the binder at night because I get to laydown and things are all nice and tight and where they are supposed to be--but sitting up and bending over and oh, MOVING is a bit crazy when you are wrapped up like a mummy from boobs to hips.  I like what I am seeing--alot, but due to the huge RACK that I have, I am either still going to look heavy or look like a porn star depending on the clothes I wear.

I have always wanted to get a boob reduction--but now I am really going to have to think long and hard about seriously pursuing it--because I cannot run around looking like Pam Anderson--it's just not a good look for a mom living in OHIO....

OK--that is your update for now...have a great weekend--keep warm...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It is done.....

OK--so THE EVENT has happened.  On Wednesday afternoon............. I had SmartLipo. 

I did my upper and lower abs and flanks.  I am 4 days post op and I can tell you that the results are already AMAZING!  I am still very swollen, but I can already tell a huge difference in my shape.

I have been researching it and thinking about it since last Spring--and a conversation with a friend who had her chin done and some other work done by the same surgeon made me just decide to go for it.

I was as nervous as all get out--especially since I had to wean off the Zoloft--I was a train wreck by the time the surgery was to begin. 

It took about 2 hours and I was totally awake for it--it was not painfull at all--just VERY weird feeling.  The only part that really stung was the inital movement of the Lidocaine thru the area.  The nurse, dr and I were talking, laughing and joking throughout the procedure--I had to put in my IPOD for the "sucking out" part because that sound was pretty disgusting.  I had over 3500cc's of stuff removed.  It was disgusting!  Really turned me off eating for ever! 

I think the worst part of the whole thing was the night and day after--so much drainage of the tumescent fluid and icky stuff--I went thru tons of pads and clothes.  People kept asking what it was like--and seriously, I had to stand in a tub to change my dressings because the fluid just literally shot out of me--I had to massage it out as well and that was so gross--it literally was like breast milk shooting out.  GROSS!!!

I stopped "spurting" yesterday--and only had to massage the fluid  out in the morning.  I am down to just having gauze pads over the 5 holes (which are TEENY).  I think I will just put bandiads over them tomorrow as I am not bleeding or anything any more. 

I have to wear an abdominal binder for 2 weeks--which makes it hard to breathe and move--but I want the BEST results, so I am going to play by the rules (Dr. said I could switch to SPANX if I wanted to after a week--but we'll see).  I have taken nothing more than Tylenol or Advil for discomfort--it has just felt like I had a seriously awesome ab workout and am really just muscle sore.  I would not call it "pain" at all.

I worked at home on Thursday--just put my laptop on my belly and did my thing--and was back in the office on Friday.  I could not believe how easy this went--I expected so much worse.

I am seeing dramatic results from under the boobs to the bottom of my belly button--the lower abs and flanks are still pretty swollen--but with minimal brusing.  I'm still kind of numb from the belly button down--I have "feeling", but it's like when you get a cavity filled--again, just weird.

Hubby is also REALLY surprised at how good it looks already.  They say in all the literature that final results can take up to 6 months to see everything (thus, why I did it in Jan--so I am "summer ready"), but if the way I look 4 days later is an indication of how I will look a few months from now, I will be VERY happy.

I will keep you posted.....I have been taking daily pics and maybe I will have the "guts" to post them sometime--but right now, they are just for my personal journey.

If you have any questions, or want to ask me about it--feel free.....

OK--so that is the major thing I planned for myself this year so far....what could be next???

Monday, January 10, 2011

Something I hate about Facebook!


Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook, but I have an issue that I would like to address/ask your opinion about.


A person posts a vauge statement about something most people don't know about--then someone who DOES know about it--copies that same statement and posts it on their page--but provides no additional information.

Is this just a cry for attention from the other person?  Do they post this hoping that others will bomb their page with the "OMG--what happened", "what's going on?"  "I'll pray for you" kind of stuff????  I just don't get it.

My feelings are--if it's such a personal thing and you want the people involved to know you are thinking about/praying for them--why post it on your page?  That is what personal messages are for.  THEN...the other person who copies your statement (and even comments under your note that they are going to copy it and post it) and adds it to their wall--with no explanation?  That just screams attention whore to me.  It's like they are playing the game "I know a secret--and I cannot tell you"--and that is juvenile!  They start getting bombed with "what happened/what's going on" and they don't respond--or they put, "I'll PM you".  It should have been a PM to begin with fool! 

People,  Facebook is a public forum--if it's something you cannot talk about in public--don't put it "out there".

That is just my pet peeve.....thoughts??  How do you feel about it?  Am I over-reacting?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whaaaattttsssss UUUUppppppp?

OK--now that we have visited 1998 with that title....

How is everyone's new year going so far?  Since I didn't win the lottery, I am at work as usual--blech.

I had an odd day at work yesterday and it makes me wonder how in the hell my job can be so different from one project to another.....from Cardiovascular Excellence Collegiate PORN!  Yep--made that trip all in one day--sometimes I just shake my head at the vast variety of customers we have in our database....

Anyhew--I'm feeling a little "off", I've was sick as a dog for the whole week between Christmas and New Years--I don't wish that on my enemy...but now I am a week out from the "event" and I have had to start weaning myself off of all of my meds except for the blood pressure stuff.  I think going off the Zoloft is what's messing with me...I'm just feeling weird.  So, I am over stressed and under medicated--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I'm getting very nervous about the "event".  1-I cannot believe I'm actually doing it and 2, the time from the decision to the "event" has just flown by.  This is something purely for vanity and I have told maybe 4 people what is going on....I'll eventually let you all in on it once it's done.  For those of you who have guessed--NO, I am not getting my boobs done (even though they need a massive reduction and "lift")  That will happen eventually--once I can get the insurance to cover it.  This other thing I have been contemplating for about 6 months and I just decided to "go for it".  AAAHHHH!!  What the hell am I doing????? 

So--anything big in store for any of you this year?????