Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "I need to get it out rant, but cannot say it out loud"

I hate your smile to my face and shoot daggers in my back. 

You think I am responsible for everything that is no longer going your way, but you are wrong.

People change and grow and just because we don't agree, I am the bad guy.

Your passive agressive ways are getting on my last nerve.

I try to communicate with you and keep you informed--you shut me out and only speak/return calls to others.

Just because it's not YOUR way, doesn't make it wrong.

Keep messing with my kid and you will pay for it dearly.

If I never have to spend another minute in your presance, I would not miss it.

I hate having to be nice to you when you are in my home.

You reap what you sew....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Weeks and I'm Free!!

Oh how I hated wearing that stupid abdominal binder--but I have been officially freed as of this morning.  Amens!! Praise Jebus!

I have been in for a check up already and my Dr. is THRILLED with how I am turning out.  He swore he never would have thought that my "baby shelf" would have disappear like it did.  He even checked his notes and wrote in 3 places that the shelf would remain--smaller, but not totally reduced.

So yeah for good genes and elastic skin! (He said that is what it all really comes down to)

I am really starting to see my "curves" take shape--the swelling is drastically reduced.  I still have "lumps and bumps" but those are the fat deposits and "ick" that are still dissolving.  They are getting smaller and smaller--I can tell the difference when I massage the areas--and the ITCHING--OMG--THE ITCHING!!  It's that internal itch that you just cannot get to--it's enough to drive me insame sometimes, but that is everything healing and it totally normal according to my surgeon.

In other news, we survived Snowmaggedon 2011--we got a lot of sleet and that helped keep our snow fall totals down around here--if you consider 8" keeping it down--but we were supposed to get double that--so I'll shut up.  It's now just colder than the snow is here to stay for a while.

Whilst holed up in my house for the past few days, I knitted my first hat--I used a loom and it was so fun and quick.  the hat was immediately commandeered by my daughter--so I guess I'll have to make another one.  I got the idea in my had that I wanted to learn how to knit--and I have taught myself the basics (Allah love the internets--you can find anything, I tell ya) and am working on 2 projects-a scarf and a baby blanket.  I just didn't see an end in sight to either project and was getting discouraged, so that is when  decided to try the hat thing--and wht do you know--I feel so good about completing that one thing, that I knitted almost another 6" on the blanke last night.  Maybe I will get it finished by the time the baby that it's for heads off to Kindergarten!!  HAHAHA!

Anyhoo---stay warm and out of trouble--if anyone out there is a "knitter", please tell me how to join "blocks" of knitting together.  That I cannot figure out......grrrr.........