Thursday, February 9, 2012


Nothing new on the homefront--kind of hard to resolve anything when you have not spoken to each other in almost 3 weeks.

I have moved past my anger and now I just don't feel anything--perhaps I have already emotionally checked out.  I really need to set up some time with a counceller--but I don't have time to breathe, non the less interview or check out that kind of thing.

Does he think this is just going to "go away"--maybe if we do't talk, it will just dissappear and things will go back to normal?  We share a house, but that is it--he is in the man cave or in a bedroom--we avoid each other at all costs when moving about the house...this sucks!

I have decided that one month is the limit on how long I will let this go on...and then I will issue the ultimatum....we either decide to work things out and get some help or we end things--this is not good for anyone....

The craziest thing?  I have not shed ONE anger has ruled me for 2 months...and now, when I think about things being over--it dosn't really bother me all that much.  I will be ok--I have a support system--and a plan for the future if this goes to divorce--that is worked out...but why don't I cry?  I think it's strange...