Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mamma says Lipitor is the "DEBIL"

OK--when my cholesteral came back with a reading of "OH MY GOD", the good Dr. put me on Lipitor. OK I thought, what ever will bring it down right? But there was still this little voice inside me that said--"girlie--try it naturally first--eat more fruit and fish before you drug yourself up with more stuff."

I should have listened to my little voice.

About 5 days into taking the Lipitor, I developed an eye twitch in my right eye. I used to get them from drinking too much caffiene, but I have drastically reduced my caffiene in take since the beginning of the year--so I ruled that out, but didn't give it much other thought.--maybe stress who knows. Then about 3 weeks into the Lipitor, my back started KILLING me. I thought it was because I shoveled some heavy ass snow during our last big snow storm--but 3 weeks after the pain started, it was only getting worse--no pain relief would touch it.

I went for a regular check up and mentioned the back pain and the eye twitch to the Dr. She said that she was going to order some extra bloodwork to see what was going on--but to keep taking everything until she got the results back.

Well that was on the 9th--by the time I was scheduled to take have the bloodwork done (at the 6 week point of the Lipitor), my eye was driving me nuts and I felt almost crippled by the pain in my back. I had the blood work done and I decided to quit taking the Lipitor--screw waiting for the blood tests to come back.

Guess what?????

By day 2--no more eye twitch--it was totally gone. Today is one week later and my back pain is down to almost nothing--It was totally managable by day 4 off the pills and today I didn't even take any Aleve at all.

I refuse to take Lipitor ever again! I did some research over the weekend and found that Statins in general are causing WAY more harm than good--research is even pointing to early onset alzheimer's being caused by them.

Our body NEEDS cholesteral to repair itself--when the body is messed up, it makes more to fix it and the statins kill the CoQ10 your body needs. It's been advised to add fish oil, flax seed and TONS of vitamin C via fruits, veggies and fish (gee, didn't my little voice tell me that?) or via supplements. Since my diet does suck, I have bought the supplements and will give them a go and see how my blood work turns out the next time.

I also hereby promise to eat better and get off my butt to exercise. It's going to be hard, but I refuse to put Statins in my body ever again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sirrus Radio, I can't quit you--LITERALLY, I CAN'T QUIT YOU!!

OK when the new car was purchased back in '08 Sirrus radio was included for 1 year for free. DH renewed the following year because they had a good deal going to stay a customer.

This last year we had nothing but trouble with the damn thing--had to get "pinged" to reset the service at least once a month--it just became irritating. Then we got the renewal notice and saw that they wanted us to pay $179.00 for the "priveledge" of having their intermittent service. Um yeah--BIG FAT NO!

Anyheeew DH called back in December to say that he no longer wanted the service, what did he have to do? He was told that it would be noted that he wanted his service discontinue and that when the bill came, just don't pay it and the service will be shut off at the end of the contract date.

Very good.

Fast forward to Feb--when the service was due to end. Sirrus is still going strong (side note--the service has been working PERFECTLY since DH called to cancel--no pings needed, no mess ups, no break up, NOTHING). We come and go past the service date--Sirrus is still working.

Last Monday night we get a call from Sirrus saying that we owe them $179.00 and it's past due.


Dh proceeds to inform the stupid ass on the other end of the phone about the conversation he had with "Dan" back in December (yes, I still had his name--I'm anal--I keep notes on EVERYTHING). Stupid ass says--why yes Mr. Lurker, we do see that note, but "DAN" had no authority to cancel your subscription.


Then why is Dan answering the damn phone at Sirrus???????? DH asked and Stupid Ass really had no answer except for: Well, I can certainly stop your service, but you will owe us for the days you have "enjoyed" our service. Yeah stupid ass, I don't think so. We are NOT paying for service that we 1) didn't ask for and 2) TOLD YOU TO CANCEL 3 months ago!

Stupid ass said that there was nothing they could do about that and we had to pay the $27.00--at that point a supervisor was asked for. "MEGAN" ended up hearing the story and said that she would just take care of the $27.00 since we had so much "trouble" and to not worry about it--but our service would be turned off immediately. We said we were fine with that--we didn't want it anyway.

A few days ago we got a notice from Sirrus--"Please renew your account with us" A special rate, just for you--blah blah blah--right in the trash it went!

YESTERDAY I get a YELLOW envelope from Sirrus with "ACCOUNT PAST DUE" stamped on it--with a bill for $27.00. FUCK ME! I get on the phone and ask to speak with "MEGAN"--she of course is not available, but "Antoine" is happy to be of help. I explain the whole damn story again and he pulls up the account--all the info is listed there--with a note saying that we owe them nothing--our balance is ZERO. Then why in the hell did I get a bill? Antoine has no idea--just throw it away. No way in hell am I throwing that away--it's covered in notes of my call with "toine".

OH! 10 days after our call with Megan, our service is STILL on!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Does it ever end?? had it coming!

OH--so in the world of "Does it ever end?"--my Dad is back in the hospital. If my Dad and I had a Facebook status, it would be "It's Complicated". The relationship is polite and pleasant, but due to "crazy" in my growing up/formative years, it can also be somewhat strained. Things have been better over the last 10 years when I decided to let him back in my life by letting him know he was going to be a grandfather--we're working on things.

Anyheew--he also has a form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma--it's not curable, just managable. As long as the tumors can be removed, they can manage it--once it's in the bones, he's done. They do a maintenance chemo on him every 6 months or so to keep it out of the marrow--so his immune system is weak. He had to have hernia surgery back in Jan--they thought it was a simple fix, but once they got in, they found 6 tears intead of one. The night after the surgery, he crashed--stopped breathing, the whole bit--not good. He was in the hospital for a week fighting infection and a build up of fluids. They sent him home with an arsenal of antibiotics and drain tubes. He has been dealing with this for weeks--keeps getting more drugs and never seems to get better. Well, he went back to the surgeon and he took one look at his stomach and admitted him directly to the hospital. It has been determined that he has STAPH!!!! SO they are going to have to go in and clean him out--more surgery ugh! I feel so bad for him to have to go thru all of this. His wife is very good to keep us posted on everything going on and I feel bad for her too. She is a good woman and they have been thru so much since they got married, but their faith is strong and they depend on it to get them thru.

On the "you had it coming" front: DD and I had to haul our ass up to a birthday party for 5 year old niece yesterday. She is the child of "you must spend money to prove your love" sister in law. The party was fine and then it came time to open up the gifts--they opened up everything from the guests and that went fairly quickly--all the usual kid crap. THEN it came time to open up the MOUNTAIN of presents left over that were from the parents of the child--I counted 25 gifts and then couldn't see the rest and gave up. The SIL could tell that the crowd was getting bored with the over abundance of crazy going on, so they decided to have Niece-in-law open up her "BIG" gift from them. There was a huge build up to this gift--that it had to be for last, because she would ignore EVERYTHING ELSE and go nuts when she saw this thing. Well, you could have heard a pin drop in the room when it came time to open up THE BIG ONE.

They bought their 5 year old a REAL ELECTRIC GUITAR COMPLETE WITH AMPLIFIER. IT was some limited edition Disney Hannah Montana Guitar--it weighed more than the kid and she couldn't even pick it up. NIL took one look at it, turned around and started to play with the SpongeBob bath set she got--demanding that she get to play with the washcloths! God love that little kid--way to go for the dollar sponge and ignore the $200.00 dollar gift!!! Needless to say the parents were doing everything under the sun to get her to play with it and she had no interest! That's what you get I guess.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Progress!! and did I mention that I'm sick of Dr's already?

Well yippie yahoo!! My blood pressure has consistantly been in the upper oneteens/70--118/70 seems to be a popular number over the last few days! I think the doctor will be very happy at my check up next week.

Speaking of Dr's--I have my BP check up, the Gyno, the Eye Dr AND more bloodwork all to be done next week. I will be so sick of Dr's by next Thursday that I will want to puke. Literally just about every single part of my body will have the once over next week--waahoo! Crap--that's a lot of co-pays to shell out too. UGH!

In other not so exciting news, we survived the great "Griswald Family mini-reunion" of 2010 at Frankenmuth. We actually had a good time--with no bloodshed--awesome! My MIL sent a picture that was taken of almost the whole group in front of the "Cheez-Haus"--it's so totally tourist that I'll have to post it some time. The whole lot of us standing in front of a block of cheese and a mouse head--ROCK ON!

I also heard back from my neighbor about what went on with my "lack of" job offer. The chick in Germany--who my group would actually be reporting to had her 2nd nervous breakdown. The guy who was assigned to fill in for her whilst she spends time in a padded room didn't like the direction she was taking the group and has decided to restructure it--so everything truely is on hold for the time being. I wonder if I sent her a Zoloft care pacakge, she could get better quicker and get back to hiring me?? hmmmmm....but I REALLY like myself on Zoloft--think I'll keep it all for me :)

My sister and I have decided to take our girls to the American Girl Store in Chicago this summer--I cannot wait, but DAMN, Chicago is expensive to stay on the "Mile". We'll have to figure it all out--but it should be a great time--anyone with ideas of what else we should do while we are there, let me know--we'll be there for 3 days.

Ok--I'm out!!