Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Progress!! and did I mention that I'm sick of Dr's already?

Well yippie yahoo!! My blood pressure has consistantly been in the upper oneteens/70--118/70 seems to be a popular number over the last few days! I think the doctor will be very happy at my check up next week.

Speaking of Dr's--I have my BP check up, the Gyno, the Eye Dr AND more bloodwork all to be done next week. I will be so sick of Dr's by next Thursday that I will want to puke. Literally just about every single part of my body will have the once over next week--waahoo! Crap--that's a lot of co-pays to shell out too. UGH!

In other not so exciting news, we survived the great "Griswald Family mini-reunion" of 2010 at Frankenmuth. We actually had a good time--with no bloodshed--awesome! My MIL sent a picture that was taken of almost the whole group in front of the "Cheez-Haus"--it's so totally tourist that I'll have to post it some time. The whole lot of us standing in front of a block of cheese and a mouse head--ROCK ON!

I also heard back from my neighbor about what went on with my "lack of" job offer. The chick in Germany--who my group would actually be reporting to had her 2nd nervous breakdown. The guy who was assigned to fill in for her whilst she spends time in a padded room didn't like the direction she was taking the group and has decided to restructure it--so everything truely is on hold for the time being. I wonder if I sent her a Zoloft care pacakge, she could get better quicker and get back to hiring me?? hmmmmm....but I REALLY like myself on Zoloft--think I'll keep it all for me :)

My sister and I have decided to take our girls to the American Girl Store in Chicago this summer--I cannot wait, but DAMN, Chicago is expensive to stay on the "Mile". We'll have to figure it all out--but it should be a great time--anyone with ideas of what else we should do while we are there, let me know--we'll be there for 3 days.

Ok--I'm out!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Zoloft. Stay away from Paxil ... I gained 43lbs from it.
I'm a happy fat rolly-polly! :-) Jeannie

Blancodeviosa said...

Love your blog..
hate dr.s too. i have fibromyalgia so i am constantly at a pain management doc. what a joy that is

i love the bellas lullaby. its on my current faves on the ipod.

enjoy Chicago. Beautiful crazy city