Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things--FACEBOOK

OK--I'm on Facebook--and got tagged--thought I'd share this here too. Do you Facebook?

1) I am an "A" type personality Virgo. For those of you who know me--this is a big old "DUH"

2) This June, I will be married for 20 YEARS--holy cow!

3) I love Lucky Charms cereal

4) I don't have a Gall Bladder anymore

5) When I was 17 years old, I was left home alone for the weekend, I threw one HELL of a party and was still finding beer caps behind furniture a week later.

6) The summer I was 16 a friend and I and her boyfriend got on a plane, flew to Florida for the afternoon and came back the same day. All on his dad's credit card. Guy was 23 years old--why I am not dead by now, I will never know.

7) I will never be able to have the "NO Drugs" talk with my kid--thank God I married a saint so he can do it.

8) I am obsessed with the Twilight Books

9) I like to drive REALLY fast--for those of you who "get it"--I drive like a Cullen

10) I do not drive (too) fast when others are in the car with me--I value their lives more than my own

11) I love pretty much any type of fruit

12) I had a C-Section with my daughter after 26 hours of what is now known as the "labor & Delivery from hell" I don't share my birth stories with "1st timers" too scary.

13) I have worked at my same job for 10 years as of March 15th

14) I wish I had gone to Nursing School--any free money out there for me to go back?

15) I despise Cats

16) I miss my "firstborn" Cocker Spaniel Maverick all the time--he's been gone for almost 4 years.

17) I find my New Dog Chase only tolerable

18) I want to live in Austrailia someday--or at least vacation there for a month

19) I cannot sing to save my soul

20) I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler

21) My best friend is in Florida and I miss her every day. She's going thru some crap and I so want to be there for her. DESPERATELY want to be there for her.

22) I love my "Village Peeps" so much--they have blessed my life in many ways

23) I believe in God the Almighty, but I consider myself a religious "Free Agent"--no ties to any one group, but I believe and I pray daily

24) I can still do shots of Tequilia

25) I took a ROADTRIP with my BFF to Quantico, VA back in '87--our friend was in the Marines and we partied like rock stars with the Marines for 3 days. Best Girlie Road Trip EVER!

Sweet Mother of God....

OK--color me crazy, but I lost my mind when I heard the news today.

That woman who just gave birth to the 8 babies out in Cali? She has 6 MORE KIDS AT HOME?????????????????WTF??????????????HOLY HELL?????????WHAT THE????????

Let's take a leeeeeeetle walk down the old ETHICS highway here shall we? What Doctor (quack, nut case) would actually give a woman fertility treatments--knowing full well that multiples are the usual outcome--to a woman who already has SIX kids???? I think that license to practise should be thrown out the window--I just don't know--maybe she found some crazy "all for the babies" Dr--or maybe she lied out her ass--I don't know. But no decent Dr. would do that sort of thing. And I personally think she just got "dumped" onto Kaiser Medical to handle the problem once the shit went down--I don't blame that group much.

Now this woman did not have six older kids and this is one of those "Cougar wants to give her new boy toy a baby" families--but a YOUNG woman who already has SIX kids??? God in heaven I cannot even wrap my freaking mind around that crap.

She lives with her mommy and daddy--and the Today Show made it seem like the baby daddy really wasn't in the picture (man I hope that is wrong). Grandpa says that they have some huge house somewhere that they are going to live in where they will never be found--umm, yeah. I saw a pic of what you are living in now--and I'm guessing there are at least NINE of you living in it now--I would have made the move a long time ago.

"No one will find us"? Yeah right--until you start needing all the free shit or the Duggars come and hunt down your ass for stealing their thunder. Do you think TLC has moved in for the kill yet??

Again--I'm stunned

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello Mr. President and WTF?????????????

OK--so in respect for the new President, I have removed the "NObama" decal from my car window. He is my President for the next four years and I hope the best for him.

I fired up to watch the inaug. at work. I was hoping to be inspired and given a message of some hope for our country's future. I was happy to witness history, but I didn't feel much more than "meh" about his speech--it's already been said, now it's time to "show me".

I was going to turn off the "show" and get back to work when I decided to just let the poem and prayers run in the background--so "glad" I did. The poem didn't make much sense and I didn't really care, but the benediction totally PISSED ME OFF.

The prayer started off on the right foot--but was that man channeling Rev. Wright at the end? WHAT THE HELL was "when all that are WHITE embrace what is RIGHT" about?

Millions of white people put Obama in the White house--millions of white people worked tirelessly on his campaign--why in the hell did he have to ruin what should have been a day of celebration and joining of ALL AMERICANS by playing the race card?

And for "Yellow getting to mellow" go ahead and piss off the Asian population while you are at it.

Getting a new President was going ok for me until that moment--the race card is NEVER a card well played.

Monday, January 12, 2009

12" Should usually be a good thing right?

But not when it's snow....add that to 3 more inches tonight and 35-40 MPH winds for blizzard conditions and I am OFFICIALLY over winter!

And it's only Jan 12th. Blech

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, here we are! 2009, a fresh start, a new year. I hope that this year is a great one for EVERYONE.

I don't make "resolutions", they are only meant to be broken and forgotten--but I do hope to work on my attitude and health this year. I feel I've become a bit of a cranky pants over the last year. I've been under a lot of stress, but we have found a way to survive it and I have to be grateful and turn it over to God that we will continue to "make it".

The stress has taken a toll and I am determined to find a way to get that under control--besides the bottle of wine I have been known to put away on occasion ;p

I want to spend more quality time with quality people--and get rid of the negative people. I got too wrapped up in the "drama" of people who really have no drama, they are clueless in the workings of the "Real world"--and when they get trhown back out into that world, they are going to be in for a RUDE awakening. But that is not my problem anymore--I'm gone from it. They are decent people, but they just don't live my reality and I don't have anything in common with them anymore.

My "quality" people know who they are. I am grateful for such fun people in my life. They "get" me. It's ok if we don't talk for days, we fall right back into the routine, there is not the need to be all up in each other's crap all the time--"neediness" is not in the vocabulary--they are strong women, they stand on their own and don't need the approval of a group to make it thru the day. I love them dearly!

Life isn't perfect for them either, we bitch to each other about it, do something and move on--we "deal", we coach each other on how to cope, but we all make our own decisions and go on with the business of living a good life. YEAH US!!!

OK--I'm rambling in my own mental way--but that's ok. My wish for all of you is health, happiness and peace for 2009!