Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to school Shopping list


Yeah, yeah, I know--I'm a big loser for doing the back to school list--but hear me out.

DD left for 2 weeks at her grandparents house yesterday, she comes back on the 1st, has a crazy week upon her return, we then leave for Gaitlinburg on the 6th, come back on the 12th and school starts on the 22nd.  (Whew--tired just typing that.)

Do you know what kind of picked over crap will be left that 3rd week of August?  Yeah--that is why we went this weekend. Also, as any parent of a "tweener" will know, NOTHING is bought for the child without them picking it out themselves--you might as well just set fire to your wallet--because bringing something home without approval is a PROMISE that it will never get touched.

I digress....

TEACHERS!  WTF!  Why is there always one elusive item on your list every year?  For me, it's TWO ERASEABLE RED pens.  I can find blue, I can find black--no worries.  I went to Wally World, Meijer, Office Max and Office Depot before I basically said F-THIS!

I googled them online and can get them at STAPLES--oh, but there is only ONE of them within 30 miles of my house and it's in the ghetto--with gas as high as it is, I am also not driving 25 miles for a freaking PEN. 

Rumor has it that Target has them ON OCCASION--so the gal told me to just keep "checking back". Whatever.  So, if my kid is the one that shows up with her 2 STANDARD red pens, you can just suck it up.

End rant