Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey Knitters and Crafters....Win something!

I know that craft supplies are MUY expensive--so sign up to win some free yarn!!!  Believe it or not I have started planning on my holiday knitting--I have to start now, or I'll never finish.

Good Luck!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

How to behave at public events.....

I realize that our world has become nothing but a bunch of self absorbed, egocentric, narcissists, but I am going to call out some of these people on their shit --- and so should everyone else.

When you are in the movie theater and the movie is playing: SHUT THE FUCK UP!  no one cares about your problems, your moms, your kids, your ex etc--this is a MOVIE, that I have paid MEGA bucks to attend and I don't want to hear your stories.  If I wanted that, I would have asked you out for drinks to discuss the crazy in your life in detail.  The movie theater is NOT the place for it.

When attending a graduation, wedding, dance recital, school play, please follow the steps below:
1: Enter the event wearing APPROPRIATE CLOTHES.  If you are not aware what is appropriate, ask someone, but I can ASSURE you that stinky tennis shoes, jeans with holes, your best NASCAR shirt, your ball cap etc have NO place at any of these events. This is the time to show respect for all of the hard work that the Graduates, dancers, performers have put into doing this event--if you cannot even put on decent clothes to show that respect--STAY HOME

2: Go to the bathroom BEFORE the event begins--getting up and down in the middle of an event is distracting and RUDE.  That is what intermission is for.  If  you cannot find it in your heart to sit still for 1 hour, head to the nearest physicians office and get checked for Adult ADD or something--it's not asking a lot out of you to behave yourself for a short period of time.

3: Parents with small children and those with medical issues who will NOT be able to sit down and be still should sit towards the back or off to the side of the seating area so that they disturb the LEAST amount of people with their needing to get up, passing around sippy cups, handing out snacks, bathroom runs etc.  Yeah, your kids might be cute--TO YOU--but the rest of us find them to be a big old pain in the ass.  (Side bar:  I have a kid--I've walked in your shoes--I hired a damn babysitter when I could afford to, or I followed the above advice so I didn't piss other people off--I NEVER plopped myself and my kid down in the middle of a 30 seat aisle and crawled over all those people multiple time.)

4: DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT repeatedly stand up to take pictures/record film etc..grab a quick shot from your seat if you must as your graduate walks across the stage--but that is IT!  This is NOT an appropriate time for a photo opp and you are blocking the view of the other people around you--RUDE!

AND the number one rule for not getting your ass kicked:  TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE--unless your name includes the title of PRESIDENT of some country OR you are waiting for an organ transplant, you are NOT THAT IMPORTANT.  The call can wait. So can the text, the tweet, the check in--whatever.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! 

People please, show a little respect--when adults do the right thing, children will follow their lead.  Think about how hard these people have worked, how much time and money has gone into this production/wedding/show etc--and put away your need to be the center of attention for just a little while and give it to someone who deserves it.   

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seriously people! DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

So I get a phone call from my mortgage broker saying that I have to have the Quit Claim on my house resigned by STBX*--record scratch--WTF!!  Yeah, um this has already be sent to you and filed with the county and the transfer has happened...

They said that this one is for the DEED.  They sent the original to the county and they needed it for the Deed and now I have to have it signed again.  All I can say is: LOST MY SHIT!  You fuck up and now I'm the one who has to fix it????  give me a break. Why can't people do the job correctly?  Lazy ass mo'fo's.

So I had to deal with all of that crap--and thank GOD that STBX was fairly decent about it and met me at the bank yesterday.  Of course he had to drop in his 2 cents about if I had found a lawyer, YOU are the one who wants a divorce asshole, you figure it out.  Once again, wanting everything taken care of for you....I told him to find someone by my work since we'll have to do this around HIS work schedule and mine is MUCH more flexible (my boss told me to just do whatever I needed to do to get him out of my life--love her!), I can leave my office and would not have to be gone forever if he finds someone by me.

We'll see.  The county I live in is backed up about 90 days to finalize divorces--so this shit will drag on into the fall I guess.   Bletch.

I think I am going to ask to waive child support if he gets NOTHING from the sale of the house, I am named residential parent and I get to claim her on the taxes--I come out WAY ahead that way over the long haul.  He will still have to pay half of all of her regular expenses, but I won't ding him weekly for support.  I have to check and see if that is possible.....going to go see about selling my wedding rings to the Gold Broker to help pay for the stupid lawyer too...Fuck my life...

*Soon To Be Ex

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This house is CLEAN!!!

Not to quote Tangina Barrons (yes, that was the name of the little old lady in Poltergiest), but the demons have been excised from this house!!

He was done and gone on Friday and I did a tap dance of joy when that truck pulled out for the last time.

Such a feeling of relief that this chapter is now over.....

We have not talked about filing for divorce yet....but he was just "too busy" trying to find a place to live and get HIS life together before.....maybe the girlfriend will push his towards it now..OH WAIT, that would mean that SHE would have to get a divorce too.  LOSERS, the both of them.

I spent my weekend, cleaning, scrubbing, vaccuuming, moving and rearranging furniture--and things are all the way I want them now.  I look around my house with joy...and for the first time in MONTHS, I am not living holed up in a bedroom, trying to stay out of the way of someone that I loathe and could not stand the site of.

I hope he finds everything that he is looking for.....and I hope that this is a new beginning for a happy life for me too.

My daughther and I DESERVE happiness!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The joy I feel with every pull of the packing tape roller is amazing.  It's finally happening and I cannot believe it!  He has not told me this, but I have found out that his place will be ready on the 11th!  Yes people just a week!  He is off work next weekend too, so I hope he has all the shit he needs moved out by the end of it!

The boxes are piling up in the garage and my basement is emptying out--and it gives me such a sense of peace to know that this part of the nightmare is soon to be over.  Now don't get me wrong, the actual divorce part of the nightmare has yet to begin, but not having to deal with him each and every single day will be SUCH a relief.

He and the hussy appear to have made up--so hopefully she will move in with him soon so I won't feel all that bad (smirk) when he gets served with a child support order ;p