Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flashing Back...

OK--Kelley got my juices going..thanks for the inspiration!


OK--so no one has the perfect highschool experience--if you say you did, your a liar, I'm calling you on your shit right now.

But going to an ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL has a whole set of rules and issues of it's own. Especially when you did it in the 80's--where rules were flying out the door and "Crazy" was running the show.

Ok--all of you around 40--admit it--you had a bi-level haircut at somepoint in your highschool career--we all did it--we all thought we were cool. It was back then, now it's just a mullet and reserved for white trash--but we were punk and Euro-trash cool back then right? RIGHT??????????? Come on--you at least, at one time or another ran a streak of color thru your bangs--blue, pink--somthing weird--but you did it! I had the Ghetto version done with blue mascara because that was how I rolled--and my mom would NEVER have taken me somewhere to get it professionally done--not in a million years. Money was being spent on my education, not my hair color!

Let's list a few other things from the 80's shall we? Come with me on a trip down memory lane:

Jazz Shoes--preferably white like the guys from Duran Duran

Choosing which member of Duran Duran you would marry (John Taylor thank you very much)

Sweet Honesty Perfume by Avon. The only thing my mother would buy me

Alyssa Ashley Musk--the only thing I would marinate myself in--many a good babysitting dollar was spent on this item

Spiral Perms--bad memory, enough said

The whole Neon colors/Maddona vinyl braclets 50 deep on your arm/lace and tiered ruffle fashions--scares the HELL out of me that this is ALL coming back into fashion again.

Preppy/Valley Girl talk--Like OMG, Gag me with a spoon!

And oh my memories of drunken parties with California Coolers and nights out at the Point. Getting reamed out by nuns throughout the hallowed halls of Notre Dame Academy. Declaring yourself a "Franny or a Johnny" by the color of your socks on spirit Fridays (those were the all boy's schools--our "brother schools if you will). My list can go on and on.

Share your highschool crazy.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God please make this day go by fast...

I never want to wish time away, but I am begging for this work day to be over. What ever possessed this old broad to go out drinking on a "school night"? Ugh kill me now!

I need sleep, I need grease in my stomach and I need to rethink drinking mass quantities of Tequila.

But I DID have a good time and to celebrate a birthday with a friend is always a good thing--sometimes too much of a good thing. For my friends on Facebook, you can see the debauchery there.

Anyheeeew--I hope my little "IDAHO" (inside joke) had a great time--even thought that bitch is still in bed.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My heart hurts......

So, DD went to a friend's birthday party last night. The mom gave us a report on how the night went and she told me that Miki said at one point: "My parents don't love me"....My heart stopped the minute I heard that.

I don't know what was going on at the time she said it or the context--it was if she just kind of said it in passing.

This child is loved more than the air I breathe. We are always saying I love you, or hugging or snuggling with her. We are hands on parents and get involved with her life, do things with her. As an only child, I am worried that we incorporate her too much into our lives--so that she doesn't have a feeling of independence.

I am broken hearted that she would say this. We have very few problems with her, but when we do have a "tiff" she has thrown out the "you hate me!" line. I say to her "I ALWAYS love YOU, it's your behaviour I do not like right now". She has never been given a reason to think otherwise.

Things have been hard lately, so maybe this is her way of processing and dealing with it. Money is tighter than tight--where as before we threw it around on anything we wanted/she wanted. That cannot happen anymore and maybe this is just her way of dealing with that? But I never wanted my kid to associate "things" with love--we never worked that way. We still have "treats" now and then, but it's a surprise trip to the park and an ice cream cone versus a new game for her DS--she's not being deprived by any means.

The mother who told me this is a PhD in Psychology, she thinks from her other behaviours (well mannered, polite, kind) that this could just be a phase and she's testing her boundaries--but she has said to keep an eye out for other signs of depression. So of course this sends me over the edge.

I just don't know what to do..........

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Survivor's Guilt

Well, the hammer came down at work yesterday. They say that the layoffs are temporary due to lack of work. 4 people that I have come to rely on were shown the door. I am the only person left in my department. I just feel sick.

I am lucky that I am the only one in this office that does not do sales alone--I am a Project Manager, but I also run the office, do the IT, deal with the every day BS etc. Some days the office wouldn't even be open if I was not here. So I think that was my "saving grace". Only 1 of the 4 who got let go had seniority over me (by less than a year), but I feel AWFUL that she was on the chopping block.

They say that the layoffs are for 4-6 weeks until our busy season picks back up--and God I hope they are right. Not only for my friends, but also for my sanity. We all took a 20% reduction (4 day work weeks) earlier this year and that has not changed. So I get to do the work of 3.5 people--I am the only PM for the whole company and I have to do 2 days in the ordering/art department--all in a 4 day work week.

I am grateful to be working, but I just don't know how I am going to (1) get it all done and (2) Keep it all straight. The art department part is a VERY small part of my current job, but it's a huge part of a client's order--I screw that up, we have nothing but pissed off clients. I'm kinda scared! Ordering hardware--pffffht--no big deal, graphics and all the "crazy" that go along with that--TERRIFYING!

Please say some prayers for the 4 let go--they are angry/pissed off and I hope they are still available if/when the callbacks happen. They all have families who relied on them for income--this is so horrible and I feel so guilty.....