Friday, August 2, 2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS..............

Things running thru my head at this time.......

3 more weeks until my girl is in Jr. High--Lawd help me.

Why are Jr. High school supplies so FREAKING expensive.  What happened to buying some loose leaf notebook paper and a Trapper Keeper?

My mother is THE most passive aggressive person I know.  REALLY? It has been THREE weeks since she has spoken to me..all because I would not help her find my grandmother some pants.  (Did I mention I was in another STATE when I was told I needed to drop everything and help her the next day?) Didn't like the answer that I already had things to do when I got home?  Sorry...I don't plan my life around your crazy.  Now go on, keep acting a fool and telling everyone that I won't take your calls...funny, I don't have any missed calls from you on my phone.

Work better start picking up's supposed to be busy season ramping up...little nervous

Did I mention I have a really great guy in my life right now?  It's been almost 6 months together..he's good to me...and I really like him. (Geez, putting in the blogesphere makes it kinda real right?) He treats my daughter really well and his daughter is great too!  Oh--and he is a GREAT cook...but I've got to stop

I'm kind of happy right now.....:)

That is all.