Friday, August 2, 2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS..............

Things running thru my head at this time.......

3 more weeks until my girl is in Jr. High--Lawd help me.

Why are Jr. High school supplies so FREAKING expensive.  What happened to buying some loose leaf notebook paper and a Trapper Keeper?

My mother is THE most passive aggressive person I know.  REALLY? It has been THREE weeks since she has spoken to me..all because I would not help her find my grandmother some pants.  (Did I mention I was in another STATE when I was told I needed to drop everything and help her the next day?) Didn't like the answer that I already had things to do when I got home?  Sorry...I don't plan my life around your crazy.  Now go on, keep acting a fool and telling everyone that I won't take your calls...funny, I don't have any missed calls from you on my phone.

Work better start picking up's supposed to be busy season ramping up...little nervous

Did I mention I have a really great guy in my life right now?  It's been almost 6 months together..he's good to me...and I really like him. (Geez, putting in the blogesphere makes it kinda real right?) He treats my daughter really well and his daughter is great too!  Oh--and he is a GREAT cook...but I've got to stop

I'm kind of happy right now.....:)

That is all.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


If you have ever suffered from depression, or know someone who struck a chord with me as, for about 18 months or so, this is EXACTLY how I felt.  I am good now, but truer words were NEVER spoken about what it's like to live in the darkness.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Free at last, Free at last

I begin the new year 2013 as a free woman!

My dissolution was final on the 28th and my goal of not entering a new year married to HE Who Shall Not Be Named, has been made.

I am so happy to have this closure to what has been the shittiest year of my life.  I am finally at peace with the  situation...I have spent the last year learning to be ME again.  It was not easy, but I did learn that I WILL be ok on my own.

It is actually a relief to have no one to answer to but myself (I mean in my own personal life--we all have bosses and bills--but that is just a given).  I am only responsible for myself and my daughter and to be able to make a decision on my own without it going thru "committee" or taking someone else's feelings or consideration into EVERY FUCKING thing, like I have had to do my entire adult life, is freeing.  Sure it was hard to get to this place in my life, but I am finally there and I am HAPPY. 

For the first time in probably five years, I. AM. HAPPY.

Will things be easy?  No.  Will things go smooth all the time? No.  But that is ok, because I'm going to be ok. I'll get thru whatever gets thrown at me...because I HAVE to and I know I can!

So here is to new beginnings and a new chapter for me.....2013 is going to be great!