Saturday, December 26, 2009

Le's over

Twas the day after Christmas and all thru the house,
all the creatures were stirring--especially my mouse (DD).

The presents were opened, the paper was scattered,
the anticipation was over, like it never mattered.

All the sizes were correct, the gifts were just fine,
Even the dog was pleased and I was drinking wine.

Yesterday's ham dinner I cooked made for leftovers for dinner,
the cheesy potatos were divine, I feel like a winner.

Now I'm snuggling down with my Nano and my new book,
curling up in my chair--at the mess, I won't look.

I hope your Christmas was awesome, serene and divine,
thank the sweet 8lb 5 oz baby Jesus that so was mine!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Le Poop has hit Le Fan

Family Show down 2009 has happened between DH and his family. FIL finally decided to call DH on his cell. No holds were barred, many verbal punches were thrown--this will not end well.

I think FIL was in Shock and Awe that DH actually had words and examples of things to back up his list of grievences. It took him off guard and things were said about me in particular that have pissed off DH (and myself) even more. DH believes that FIL didn't really have any "back-up" so they just started playing any cards they could. I am the easy target as I am not truely "family"--as has been pointed out to me before.

The main point of all of this crap is that DH is hurt and pissed about their treatment or lack there of in regards to our DD. They ignore her. Ever since the other grandkids started coming around, our DD has come in last on their list. Do you know they STILL have not called her back from her message to them back in OCTOBER??? DH pointed that out in particular; FIL's response? Well, yeah, maybe we should have called her back. MAYBE?????? MAYBE?????? Maybe my ass you fuckers! (Sorry mama bear came out to play for a minute--you don't mess with my kid) We know they live 2 hours away, but damnit--pick up the damn phone--it costs you NOTHING!

Their response the that? "Lurker" is sometimes short with us on the phone. That's all they had people--I am sometimes short with them on the phone--so forget ever calling again????????? F-That! By-pass me all together people--DH AND DD both have cell phones and you have their numbers--it's just a lousy excuse.

DH has told them that all of our conversations about this have been done in private between he and I, Baby Lurker has heard nothing and we don't say anything to her--we will not taint her opinion--but that girl is smart--she'll figure it all out soon enough. He even said--don't call us if that is how you really feel, but DON'T you DARE ignore DD.

The conversation pretty much ended with FIL suggesting they take a week to re-group and they would call him on Sunday. Whatever...oh--and they STILL have not called DD.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goodbye Mr. in peace

Sadness fills my best friend's Dad has died. He had an aneurysm that burst--they had him on life support for a while, but his system started to shut down and they took him off the vent. I pray he didn't suffer and I rejoice for him, knowing he is now home and at peace.

Mr. Bob was a substitute dad for me in my growing up years--I basically lived in my BBF Theresa's room thru my highschool years--and I called her family mine. "Hello Family" was my standard greeting when I barrelled through the front door of their house. I always felt welcomed there. It was not a big house and the 3 sisters would fight like cats and dogs, but they still loved each other. The things we did in that upstairs dormer would have gotten us killed by a parent anywhere else--but Mr. Bob and Rosebud turned a blind eye to most of our antics--I guess they figured they at least know where we were and that we were not on the streets wrecking havoc.

Mr. Bob was our basketball coach, our softball coach and one of the funniest guys you will have ever met. He loved his 3 daughters and wife, he could be a tough old bastard when he needed to be, but he let most of the crap of the world roll off his back. He was a hard worker, a friend to most everyone and just a good person all around.

I will NEVER forget the sound of his "Dukes of Hazzard" custom horn he had put on his station wagon. When you heard that horn go off, you knew that your ride to practice was coming down the street and your ass better be on the sidewalk and ready to jump in. I think there were a few times that I did a running dash into the back of the wagon and it was still moving! HAHA

Mr. Bob didn't have an easy life, he never finished school and he worked his ass off in the service department at the Medical College--but he made sure his girls got a private catholic education and went on to do better and have better. (2 of the 3 have done just that--the youngest is a trainwreck and has destroyed her life. Mr. Bob was raising his 2 youngest grandkids because "J" is a messed up crack whore--I'm not sure who will take care of them now that he is gone.)

Mr. Bob--thank you for letting me be a part of your family for all those years--for getting me involved in organized sports, for remembering me with the "August Birthday Club" and for being a hard ass on us when you needed too and for letting Theresa and I get away with crap that we shouldn't have. I thought of you so often over the last years and I will miss you very much!

Rest in Peace sweet man....see you on the other side.