Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ANOTHER Heat Advisory??

So I went out to get some lunch and, just, DAMN!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The sounds of Crickets Chirping....

Yeah, sorry.  I suck.  That is all.  I have no other excuse--just life on fast forward and no time to blog.

To recap:

Chicago was AWEsome!  Had a great time, cannot wait to go back in September (but that is for work so it won't be AS great)  American Girl madness, killer food, a dinosaur named SUE and me in front of the Buckingham Fountain--it doesn't get any better.  Pics to come eventually--but seriously, don't hold your breath--I think they are still in the camera--haven't even had time to download them.

Horseback riding camp for the DD--she loved it and now we have been rooked into weekly lessons--yikes!  Thank Allah that the grandparents are all chipping in to pay for it because otherwise--yeah, no, not in the budget darlin'

The Fourth of July--good fireworks, nice weather laid back and relaxed!  Woot Woot.

DD spent all of last week and all of this coming week at the Outlaw's--this is the most time they have spent with her oh....EVER!  I didn't think she would make it to be honest with you.  I can hear in her voice when I talk to her that she is "over it", but she is a trouper and is hanging in there.  They have been running her around and she has been playing with her cousins so this should be good for her.  I will need to rent a U-haul to bring her crap home next weekend when we pick her up because the "SPOILING OF 2010" has gone on and the kid tells us everyday that she got something new.  UGH! She was playing Guitar Hero at their house last night--and I KNOW FOR A FACT that they did not have it prior to my kid arriving--so I hope that is staying up there.

Work has been kicking my ass!  Which is kinda good because this is normally our slow season, so I hope this means that things are turning around for us.  Been training a new guy and my boss just found out she is pregnant--so let the "crazy" begin there--oh the hormones!

Upcoming events--Hubby's 25th HighSchool reunion this weekend.  Should be "interesting" to see the folks he grew up with.  Headed up to Bum-Fuck Michigan for the event and then off to get my girl on Sunday. 

We are on the count down to back to school as well--where in the hell did summer go!!!!  3 more weeks is all that is left until the 1st day of 4th grade--yikes!  I do feel proud that I have all the school supplies bought already--now it's just the clothes and shoes--ugh!  I vote for uniforms!!!

OK--this set of mindless rambling brought to you by the letter "C"--as in "C" if I can update any less frequently!  HAHA!

Peace out!