Monday, August 30, 2010

Another year in the books!

So yeah, I turned 42 yesterday.  Big Fat Deal!  I spent the day at a birthday party for a 2 year old--TOTALLY AWESOME!  Seeing a small child really enjoy a party is way better than me sitting at home counting the ever growing crows feet that have set up camp around my eyes right?  My birthday "Twin" who is my cousin's little girl is just so darn cute and I hope she had an awesome birthday too!

Hubby got me a Nook reader that I am TOTALLY in love with.  It's the greatest thing since, well, the invention of the book!  I've downloaded a few purchases and have figured out how to "Borrow" from the library so I'm rolling!  The Nook has awesome features including free internet access (in hot-spots or off your own wireless at home), and the screen can totally be read in direct sunlight--no glare or anything.  It ROCKS!

Also joining our household are 2 little African Dwarf Frogs--Harry and Lloyd.  They are the cutest darn things and are very entertaining to watch.  Dear Daughter fell in love with the ones the out-laws have and I figured, heck, I'm already cleaning/feeding/tending to a child, husband, dog and a fish, why not bring 2 more things home to take care of.  I'm a glutton for punishment.

DD is back to school already--she started on the 19th!  It's been hotter than a hell cat around here, but her modular is air conditioned so I don't have to hear too many complaints just yet.  I cannot believe she is in the 4th grade already--time is just a flying by.  She is still doing her horseback riding lessons and she is quite good.  She is going to be in the schooling show in October which is a surprise because they say you have to have been taking lesson for at least 6 months before the let them in the show--but the instructor says she is very good and is putting her in anyway (I'm so proud!!).  She has a great seat and can already "2-point in trot" without stirrups around the entire ring 1.5 times.  You have to be able to do it 3 times in proper position before you can canter--so she is half way there!!  She is really in her element in the ring and her love of horses is just amazing to me--no fear and I have to drag her out of the stables after lessons.  Perhaps she has found her "thing"--let's hope I can continue to find the money to support it.  I may have to look into plasma donations---hahah!

Off to Chicago for work next week and then down to Indy for a wedding on the weekend.  I need to figure out how to get off the tradeshow floor, to the airport and changed into cocktail attire for a rehearsal dinner that starts at 7:30 when my plane doesn't even land until 8:00.  I'm thinking I'm going to be late! 

Would it seem odd to fly in Cocktail attire?  I COULD change before I get a cab to the airport I suppose, but then I have to haul ass thru O'Hare in heels--not something I am thinking I would enjoy.  Plus, I'm guessing that the "bling" on my dress would set off the alarms.  UGH!  I'm resigned to letting the cabbie in Indy get a free show whilst I change my clothes in the car--they do have a car coming for me--so maybe it will be a limo and I can have a BIT of privacy????  Maybe I'll skip the fab dinner at Moe's Steakhouse and just have the driver go thru McDonalds and drop me off at the hotel for some peace and quiet--that sounds better to me!!!