Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon and the "lists" have begun arriving

OK--I admit that New Moon was my LEAST favorite book in the series--but the movie was very visually stunning and still awesome and worth the matinee price I paid to see it. I am now on countdown wait for Eclipse--my favorite book--so it better be TOTALLY AWESOME! I didn't think New Moon was TOTALLY awesome, but I did enjoy it. Will I see it multiple times in the theater like I did Twilight? Probably not--but it's just too much Bella and Jacob and not enough Cullens for my taste.

Guess what also arrived on the 20th? The freaking GIFT LIST from my SIL--you know the one who just had the baby? Is it even possible for a 3 week old to have a "wish list" on Toys r Us.com? SHOULD a 3 week old have one? The list o' greed was quite the trip this year for the kids, but what REALLY chapped my fine ass was the list for the SIL herself--names have been changed to protect the ignorant and greedy.


· Black Columbia fleece jacket Size Medium
· 2010 wall calendar
· Reed Diffuser with fragrance
· Fresh Saver Food Saver Handheld System w/ bags (Target, Bed/Bath)
· Franklin Covey store Somerset: mini calculator (pocket size) Pocket size refill pages 2010
· Gift cards: Nordstrom’s, Sephora, Puma Store, Salon Georgette, Silver Nails)
· Massoud Jewelers: baby shoe charm w/ NEWKID’s birthstone all over it
· Victoria’s Secret Catalog: Cashmere soft & sexy wrap #DS-247-426
Deep Charcoal Heather (163) or Black (93) Size Small $39 each
· Black leather zip around wallet clutch (holds credit cards, change, $$)
· Lillian Vernon: Microwave popcorn storage dispenser #800090 957 $14.98
· Michael Kors @ Macys: Patent leather puffer vest w/ acrylic fur trim $129.50 Size medium
· Crate & Barrel: Crimson Red Vases small #ZV306 $8.95 medium ZV304 $12.95 large #ZV305 $16.95
· Crate & Barrel: Eliza Placemat need 8-12 (ribbons & ric-rac) #ZV329 $7.95 each
· Crate & Barrel: Carino footed bowl #ZV288 $39.95

· Nordstrom: MAC makeup Holiday gift set: “Put a Spell on You Lip bag” # 277639 $ 36
· Nordstrom: Michael Kors “Famous” platform sandal # 273926 $295

· Sephora: Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume and body lotion

· Gap: ( SHOP ONLINE (11/17- 11/22) 25% OFF enter code GIFT123)

Ruffle front buffalo plaid shirt # 621050/ red plaid $49.50 size med.
Plaid Ombre Shirt/ Red plaid # 621056 $49.50 size med.
Ruffle plaid shirt/ red –white tartan or red plaid # 621045 $49.50 sz.med
Marled Convertible mittens #695849 $19.50 Cinnabar Red sz. s/m
Buffalo red plaid trapper hat #687848 $16.50 s/m

OK--and that is just page ONE! Seriously, how many damn plaid shirts do you need? Did Little House on The Freaking Prairie come back in style? AND she is asking for TWO coats? Bitch please--there are people who cannot afford ONE coat and you have the NERVE to put TWO on a list--and some $295.00 pair of shoes. God Help Me!! Do you see what I am dealing with here? Greed and ignorance and we NEVER see these people throughout the year! Nor do they call to chat? Drives me nuts!!

Best part? I don't have to see them this week!!!! Now, I've got to go pull my turkey out of the freezer--I've got a dinner to start working on!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families--I hope they are not as nuts as my outlaws!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's hard out here to be a....volunteer!

OK--since we are staying home this year for Thanksgiving, I have been trying to find a place that will need volunteers to serve a meal the morning or early afternoon of Turkey Day. The stipulation being that I will be bringing my 8 year old with me.

She is mature for 8 and responsible and she could handle pouring drinks, or clean up or placement of silverware--something like that. But places that I have contacted do not let kids under 13 help out. I can fully appreciate them not wanting little ones near hot stoves and such--and some places cannot let minors be in a situation where they might come in contact with people with "issues".

I really do understand--but how do we begin to teach our children to lead a life of service and giving to others in need if we have to wait until they are evil based teenagers to try and do it?

So--if anyone in the Toledo-Bowling Green area has any ideas of churches or shelters looking for some help on Thursday, please let me know. We are not personally affiliated with any church, but we are willing to help out where we would be needed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Survival!!!...and only 4 more days!!.....squee!

Whew--we made it thur the picture taking drama of 2009!! It turned out well and we even got a chance to get a formal family picture done--and that hasn't happened since baby lurker was about 3 or 4 years old. I give your the Lurker Family!!:

We had no intention of getting this done--but they has space and a few extra shot available on the package that SIL was getting, so I took advantage of it. I'm a little "shiny", but whatever--if I had to give up a whole day to do this, I was getting something out of it.

I had no plans to go to this thing at all--but sending DD up with Dh was going to end up causing me more grief than anything, so I decided to take one for the team and get it over with. I am now free and clear of these people until Christmas time--woohoo!

The picture place was inside of a babies r. us and whilst I was waiting for the pictures to get done/printed, I looked around and found my very own POCKET EDWARD!! They had him, Bella, Alice and Jacob. Jacob looked like a "He-Man" gone wrong and Bellas was one step away from a Lipstick lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that)--so I bought the Edward and the Alice. I have not taken them out of the packages yet, but I want to put them in my office. Alice is my favorite vampire next to Edward, so I HAD to have her!!! I should put them on Ebay--but the don't seem to be selling for a fortune yet, so I think I will just play with my new toys! HAHA!!!

This is a very exciting week for us Twilight lovers!! Have I SQQQUUUEEEEEEEEDDD that we are only 4 more days away yet? SSSSSQQQQQUUUUUEEEEEE!!!!!! There is stuff on TV all week about it and I am so excited!! Ok--I guess that is is--just wanted to let you know that all went well, no blood was shed and I am done with the out-laws for another month--woohoo!!! And I didn't kill anyone!!! Yeah me!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Table for 3 please! or In-law Musings......Whatever!

Sit down, strap in, grab some wine--this is a long one.

OK--we all know my deep and heartfelt feelings about my in-laws (insert sarcasm here). They confound me with their crazy and their inability to truly be a family...I don't say anything anymore, the fight is not worth it.

I am sad that this is how things have to be with them, you would think after 20+ years I would be used to it--but it hurts me to see my DH struggle with it-- he sees how things are with my family and our friends families--he used to think his family was normal with their indifference to each other unless it involved spending money--but he has seen how other familes work and it really bothers him.

I let my husband make all decisions involving our contact with them. We usually see them on holidays and medical emergencies and that is about it. They don't call us, they don't care about my DD, they barely acknowledge that we exist unless they want something.

Which brings me to the latest...SIL has decided that the MIL would like a picture off all of her grandchildren together. OK--I can bring my good camera and we will get a group shot of them when we are together at Thanksgiving--we'll do a nice backdrop or figure out something. I was thinking (and f-me for thinking) this would be nice since SIL JUST had a baby and I would not take a newborn out anywhere right now with all the flu and H1N1 plaguing our area. NO! We are going to some portrait studio on a Babies R Us--oh and did I mention that it's 2.5 hours away from us? Also, please note that new baby will be 2 weeks old the day we take this picture.

This is totally convenient for them--but totally sucks for us--once again. They all live right there in that area, it's no big deal. They wanted an evening appointment, but Dh put his foot down and said NO WAY--we have a long ass drive, dinner to think about and a kid who has school the next morning. That was met with--well, we can't do it earlier it will mess with other SIL's kids nap. DH actually said, make the appointment mid afternoon or forget DD being there. So ok, I was bursting with pride at him but said nothing--and they called back with an appointment at 3:30.

We have been told what DD is to wear, how her hair should be styled and how they want this picture to look--we have not gotten a say about anything--we made a suggestion, but were scoffed at--- but were told to make sure we bring cash or a check made out to SIL for our portion of the picture--REALLY? Do we get a say in anything? or do we just go back to the "Mother's Ring" fiasco of 2003? SIL does what she wants, orders what she wants, tells all of us to shut up and just give her what we owe her? Do you SEE what I am working with here?

This has all come to a head for DH--seeing as I won't say a word about it or even go up with him for this picture to be taken--I'm staying out of EVERYTHING. I think he has finally seen the light on how these people really are. He has had enough.

His way of dealing with things is very passive aggressive so, He has volunteered to work a shift on Thanksgiving--so we are not going on our yearly pilgrimage to what I refer to as the "death chamber" (I am HIGHLY allergic to cats and MIL has 4. I end up high on allergy meds and usually have full blown bronchial problems within a week of being in that house).

He has yet to tell them that we are not coming--why you ask? Well like I said, if he doesn't call them, they don't call him. He is being kind of stubborn about that since DD called them a few days before Halloween (29th)--she wanted to tell them what she was going to be and about her class party--they were not home so she left a message for them to please call her--it's been over 2 weeks and they have YET to call their grandchild back.

We found out what was keeping MIL from callng back: SIL had her baby on Nov 1st (yeah, I know 3 days after she called) and we found out by EMAIL! They still couldn't be bothered to call us then for that either. DH found out that MIL spent the first week with SIL and the baby helping out and he hit the roof--MIL cannot be bothered with our DD because SIL had another kid? (Note: SIL's in-laws live all around her--MIL lives in the house behind her--big Italian family--it's not like she doesn't have help)--but MIL drove 2 hours and stayed all week to help her out--and cannot take 5 minutes to call her other granddaughter back at all. Whatever! Dh is pissed.

I'm sure he will mention us not coming to his sisters when they are together for the picture on Sunday--but who knows.

In the mean time, I am planning my very 1st "Our family Only" Thanksgiving. It's weird to only cook for 3 people for a holiday (4 if my mom comes by--she's invited, but we are eating really late) but I think I will enjoy the peace and quiet and no tension that this holiday will bring.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only in Ohio.......

Hey--it's me--I finally have something to share!! Yeah! Anyway....

So I had to go to Cleveland today for work--yee Ha! I usually hate that crap, but what I saw on the drive home TOTALLY made getting my fine ass out of bed at the butt crack of Satan worth it.

Me and my co-worker are just happily driving along when I see this Buick Enclave up ahead of us--I don't pay much attention, but something BLUE catches my eye on the car.

I tell "J" to pull up along side the guy and what the fucks sake do I see????


This dude--who was in a nice dress suit/tie, the whole works, DUCT TAPED a bright BLUE hand mirror to the driver's side mirror of his CAR! Now I know times are tough and all, but REALLY????? Dude, at least break the handle off so people don't TOTALLY know that you squirreled you wife's hand mirror--that is just so wrong!

One more from the side:

Oh and Jen--sorry, but I might have peed a little on your seat from laughing so damn hard. I know that guy saw me squirrel the pictures and I'm sure he could hear my screaming laughter. He deserved it for driving around like this.