Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon and the "lists" have begun arriving

OK--I admit that New Moon was my LEAST favorite book in the series--but the movie was very visually stunning and still awesome and worth the matinee price I paid to see it. I am now on countdown wait for Eclipse--my favorite book--so it better be TOTALLY AWESOME! I didn't think New Moon was TOTALLY awesome, but I did enjoy it. Will I see it multiple times in the theater like I did Twilight? Probably not--but it's just too much Bella and Jacob and not enough Cullens for my taste.

Guess what also arrived on the 20th? The freaking GIFT LIST from my SIL--you know the one who just had the baby? Is it even possible for a 3 week old to have a "wish list" on Toys r Us.com? SHOULD a 3 week old have one? The list o' greed was quite the trip this year for the kids, but what REALLY chapped my fine ass was the list for the SIL herself--names have been changed to protect the ignorant and greedy.


· Black Columbia fleece jacket Size Medium
· 2010 wall calendar
· Reed Diffuser with fragrance
· Fresh Saver Food Saver Handheld System w/ bags (Target, Bed/Bath)
· Franklin Covey store Somerset: mini calculator (pocket size) Pocket size refill pages 2010
· Gift cards: Nordstrom’s, Sephora, Puma Store, Salon Georgette, Silver Nails)
· Massoud Jewelers: baby shoe charm w/ NEWKID’s birthstone all over it
· Victoria’s Secret Catalog: Cashmere soft & sexy wrap #DS-247-426
Deep Charcoal Heather (163) or Black (93) Size Small $39 each
· Black leather zip around wallet clutch (holds credit cards, change, $$)
· Lillian Vernon: Microwave popcorn storage dispenser #800090 957 $14.98
· Michael Kors @ Macys: Patent leather puffer vest w/ acrylic fur trim $129.50 Size medium
· Crate & Barrel: Crimson Red Vases small #ZV306 $8.95 medium ZV304 $12.95 large #ZV305 $16.95
· Crate & Barrel: Eliza Placemat need 8-12 (ribbons & ric-rac) #ZV329 $7.95 each
· Crate & Barrel: Carino footed bowl #ZV288 $39.95

· Nordstrom: MAC makeup Holiday gift set: “Put a Spell on You Lip bag” # 277639 $ 36
· Nordstrom: Michael Kors “Famous” platform sandal # 273926 $295

· Sephora: Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume and body lotion

· Gap: ( SHOP ONLINE (11/17- 11/22) 25% OFF enter code GIFT123)

Ruffle front buffalo plaid shirt # 621050/ red plaid $49.50 size med.
Plaid Ombre Shirt/ Red plaid # 621056 $49.50 size med.
Ruffle plaid shirt/ red –white tartan or red plaid # 621045 $49.50 sz.med
Marled Convertible mittens #695849 $19.50 Cinnabar Red sz. s/m
Buffalo red plaid trapper hat #687848 $16.50 s/m

OK--and that is just page ONE! Seriously, how many damn plaid shirts do you need? Did Little House on The Freaking Prairie come back in style? AND she is asking for TWO coats? Bitch please--there are people who cannot afford ONE coat and you have the NERVE to put TWO on a list--and some $295.00 pair of shoes. God Help Me!! Do you see what I am dealing with here? Greed and ignorance and we NEVER see these people throughout the year! Nor do they call to chat? Drives me nuts!!

Best part? I don't have to see them this week!!!! Now, I've got to go pull my turkey out of the freezer--I've got a dinner to start working on!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families--I hope they are not as nuts as my outlaws!

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Kelley said...

I liked the New Moon movie, but thought it dragged a bit in some spots. 'Eclipse' better bring the awesome!

That list is a riot! I think you should write her a letter thanking her for the laughs it gave you, and then provide your own list of ridiculous items more expensive than hers. Crazy heiffer.

VW- 'buctes' Could be a prestigious brand of leather goods for your Christmas list!