Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only in Ohio.......

Hey--it's me--I finally have something to share!! Yeah! Anyway....

So I had to go to Cleveland today for work--yee Ha! I usually hate that crap, but what I saw on the drive home TOTALLY made getting my fine ass out of bed at the butt crack of Satan worth it.

Me and my co-worker are just happily driving along when I see this Buick Enclave up ahead of us--I don't pay much attention, but something BLUE catches my eye on the car.

I tell "J" to pull up along side the guy and what the fucks sake do I see????


This dude--who was in a nice dress suit/tie, the whole works, DUCT TAPED a bright BLUE hand mirror to the driver's side mirror of his CAR! Now I know times are tough and all, but REALLY????? Dude, at least break the handle off so people don't TOTALLY know that you squirreled you wife's hand mirror--that is just so wrong!

One more from the side:

Oh and Jen--sorry, but I might have peed a little on your seat from laughing so damn hard. I know that guy saw me squirrel the pictures and I'm sure he could hear my screaming laughter. He deserved it for driving around like this.


Kelley said...

I laughed at this photo way too hard when I was on the bus going home yesterday! You would totally find that around here, too. Like on my MIL's van, for instance.

Ang said...


Visiting via Kelly's Casa via Chronic Indolence! Whew, long trip! :-D Love the layout!