Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's hard out here to be a....volunteer!

OK--since we are staying home this year for Thanksgiving, I have been trying to find a place that will need volunteers to serve a meal the morning or early afternoon of Turkey Day. The stipulation being that I will be bringing my 8 year old with me.

She is mature for 8 and responsible and she could handle pouring drinks, or clean up or placement of silverware--something like that. But places that I have contacted do not let kids under 13 help out. I can fully appreciate them not wanting little ones near hot stoves and such--and some places cannot let minors be in a situation where they might come in contact with people with "issues".

I really do understand--but how do we begin to teach our children to lead a life of service and giving to others in need if we have to wait until they are evil based teenagers to try and do it?

So--if anyone in the Toledo-Bowling Green area has any ideas of churches or shelters looking for some help on Thursday, please let me know. We are not personally affiliated with any church, but we are willing to help out where we would be needed.

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