Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flashing Back...

OK--Kelley got my juices going..thanks for the inspiration!


OK--so no one has the perfect highschool experience--if you say you did, your a liar, I'm calling you on your shit right now.

But going to an ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL has a whole set of rules and issues of it's own. Especially when you did it in the 80's--where rules were flying out the door and "Crazy" was running the show.

Ok--all of you around 40--admit it--you had a bi-level haircut at somepoint in your highschool career--we all did it--we all thought we were cool. It was back then, now it's just a mullet and reserved for white trash--but we were punk and Euro-trash cool back then right? RIGHT??????????? Come on--you at least, at one time or another ran a streak of color thru your bangs--blue, pink--somthing weird--but you did it! I had the Ghetto version done with blue mascara because that was how I rolled--and my mom would NEVER have taken me somewhere to get it professionally done--not in a million years. Money was being spent on my education, not my hair color!

Let's list a few other things from the 80's shall we? Come with me on a trip down memory lane:

Jazz Shoes--preferably white like the guys from Duran Duran

Choosing which member of Duran Duran you would marry (John Taylor thank you very much)

Sweet Honesty Perfume by Avon. The only thing my mother would buy me

Alyssa Ashley Musk--the only thing I would marinate myself in--many a good babysitting dollar was spent on this item

Spiral Perms--bad memory, enough said

The whole Neon colors/Maddona vinyl braclets 50 deep on your arm/lace and tiered ruffle fashions--scares the HELL out of me that this is ALL coming back into fashion again.

Preppy/Valley Girl talk--Like OMG, Gag me with a spoon!

And oh my memories of drunken parties with California Coolers and nights out at the Point. Getting reamed out by nuns throughout the hallowed halls of Notre Dame Academy. Declaring yourself a "Franny or a Johnny" by the color of your socks on spirit Fridays (those were the all boy's schools--our "brother schools if you will). My list can go on and on.

Share your highschool crazy.....


maniacski said...

drunken nights out at the Point, or partying at Russell's house, smoking way too many cigarettes.. good times....from one of the crazy nuns "didn't I just see you two on the first floor with that glass of water? Now you are on the third floor with the same glass of water! Demerits/detention forever....UGH...Johnnys rule

Lurker Girl said...

"It's for ART Sister!" Bwaaahahahaha!!! Those nuns hated us! Smoking in the guys bathroom outside Lobby D with the janitor! HAHA! Oh more things come rushing to mind.

maniacski said...

we were so bad I think back now how in the hell did we even make it through high school? now I know why Rose Bud is losing her kids drove her nuts....I MISS MY MOMMY....