Sunday, May 13, 2012

This house is CLEAN!!!

Not to quote Tangina Barrons (yes, that was the name of the little old lady in Poltergiest), but the demons have been excised from this house!!

He was done and gone on Friday and I did a tap dance of joy when that truck pulled out for the last time.

Such a feeling of relief that this chapter is now over.....

We have not talked about filing for divorce yet....but he was just "too busy" trying to find a place to live and get HIS life together before.....maybe the girlfriend will push his towards it now..OH WAIT, that would mean that SHE would have to get a divorce too.  LOSERS, the both of them.

I spent my weekend, cleaning, scrubbing, vaccuuming, moving and rearranging furniture--and things are all the way I want them now.  I look around my house with joy...and for the first time in MONTHS, I am not living holed up in a bedroom, trying to stay out of the way of someone that I loathe and could not stand the site of.

I hope he finds everything that he is looking for.....and I hope that this is a new beginning for a happy life for me too.

My daughther and I DESERVE happiness!


maniacski said...

congrats you deserve the best

Randi said...

Good for you! You totally deserve happiness. Fuck philanderers.