Thursday, May 3, 2012


The joy I feel with every pull of the packing tape roller is amazing.  It's finally happening and I cannot believe it!  He has not told me this, but I have found out that his place will be ready on the 11th!  Yes people just a week!  He is off work next weekend too, so I hope he has all the shit he needs moved out by the end of it!

The boxes are piling up in the garage and my basement is emptying out--and it gives me such a sense of peace to know that this part of the nightmare is soon to be over.  Now don't get me wrong, the actual divorce part of the nightmare has yet to begin, but not having to deal with him each and every single day will be SUCH a relief.

He and the hussy appear to have made up--so hopefully she will move in with him soon so I won't feel all that bad (smirk) when he gets served with a child support order ;p

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maniacski said...

I feel so happy for you!