Monday, April 30, 2012

LOVED me some "Loosies"

OK--so I'm not a big IFC film kind of girl, but I kind of have the hots for Peter Facinelli (don't judge)...not the blonde vampire Peter, but the dark haired hot Peter.  Yeah Yeah, I know there is debate on him cheating on Jennie and all that jazz...but let me have my fantasies...hell, it's all I've got anymore.

He wrote, produced and starred in a recently released movie called Loosies (loosies are single cigarettes that you can by in SOME major cities at bars or news stands.  I wish they had that around here so I could feed my "monster" and not have to have a whole pack sitting there saying...SMOKE ME, SMOKE ME..I digress). the movie, he smokes loosies and bangs a chick named Lucy and gets her knocked up.  He is a professional pick pocket working to pay off the gambling debts of his deceased father..long story short, he steals a cops badge and this is the "fun" of having to deal with a chick he knocked up, changing his life and running from the cops...all while dealing with his conscience.

It's worth an hour and a half of your life--if nothing less than starting at P-Fach and his hotness...

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