Monday, April 9, 2012

Can I post something positive?

OK--if there is a silver lining in all the bull crap that has been going on in my life (besides the fact that I don't have to deal with the outlaws anymore), it's the fact that this mess has been AWESOME for my weight loss plan.

Not that I had a weight loss plan--I was actually gaining weight like it was my job--but the stress of everything has totally put my stomach in knots.  The thought of food makes me want to throw up. I have been eating very little--but what I have been eating is much healthier for me because I have made a conscience decision that, if I can hardly get anything down, I should at least be putting better stuff into me.

I think the major thing is that I have gone to much smaller portions because I just cannot eat that much--thus proving the fact that everything in moderation is the best way to eat.  Prior to the crazy, a single lean cuisine would have been a snack for me--now it's a full meal and I'm satisfied with it. I have DRAMATICALLY cut down on soda products (even though I drank diet) and have switched to tea--and boy has then been helpful in the "flush" of my system--in EVERY way you can imagine.

Playing tennis and having to do all of my own yard work has kept me moving and active as well.

So--the good news?  I have lost 24lbs since the end of Jan!!!  Woo-a-hoo!!!  I am thrilled.  I am about 15lbs from my goal weight--but I think I am carrying that in my boobs, so no telling if I will ever get there.  I need some new pants desperately, but the money fairy will be skipping my house for the next oh--FOREVER, so I will have to make do with belts.


Randi said...

Fantastic! There's always a silver lining on a raincloud right?

maniacski said...

congrats woman...