Monday, April 2, 2012

The Saga Continues

So on Friday, Asshole decides to email me at work in the late afternoon saying that he has called all the untilities and had them taken out of his name.  I have until 4:00 to call them all back and transfer it into my name or the serivces will cut off as of Monday Morning.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!  Nice...way to think about your daughter's well being asshole.
So, I get it all taken care of and everything is fine.  Then I get back to MY house.  He then goes off on me about how dare I not think he is thinking about DD, I am un trustworthy...again WTF!!  Really, I'm not the one screwing someone else butt munch.  He then says to hand over the keys to the car that HE is paying for.  I said, no, I told you I would take over the payments, I'm waiting for YOU to get the paperwork pulled together, I need a car to drive to work and to take our CHILD where she needs to go.

He says that if I drive that car without his permission, he will call the cops and report it stolen.  I have to ASK everytime I need to drive it.  FUCK THAT.

Jesus in heaven is looking out for me because on Sunday a dealership is having a HUGE month end blow out and is selling a 20K car for 12,995!  It's a KIA--and I'm not thrilled about owning foreign since I LOVE my Cruze, but I will NOT have his threats hanging over my head.  I had been to this dealership before and had driven the RIO and hated it--sub compact--too small, yikes, sounded weird. 

BUT--The Forte is KIA's version of the Cruze and that is what the special was on--so BONUS for me--upgrade on the car and they paid off the Cruze--so take that A-Hole.  Man was he pissed that I was able to just walk in and finalize all that in less than 2 hours.  He was so rude to the guy at the dealership when I called him in to come and sign off on the car note--but HEY ASSHOLE, I did you a MITZVAH--I didn't HAVE to do anything with the Cruze, I could have let you suck it and figure out a way to pay for both cars.  Guess what--I'm the better person here, I'm the grown-up.  I did the right thing, like I have all along.

YOU are the piece of shit who has to lay in his filth.  Oh--and when your girlfriend REALLY finds out your situation--financially/professionally/sexually, you'll be all alone won't you.  SUCK IT!

You have NOTHING left to hold over my head, so kiss my ASS!

This rambling rant has been brought to you by the letter "O" for OVER YOUR SHIT!


Randi said...

You're kicking ass and taking names! I always wonder how a parent can not consider their child.

maniacski said...

I am here for you....just caught up on the shit, what a asshole .call me if you ever get a chance to talk