Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet Mother of God....

OK--color me crazy, but I lost my mind when I heard the news today.

That woman who just gave birth to the 8 babies out in Cali? She has 6 MORE KIDS AT HOME?????????????????WTF??????????????HOLY HELL?????????WHAT THE????????

Let's take a leeeeeeetle walk down the old ETHICS highway here shall we? What Doctor (quack, nut case) would actually give a woman fertility treatments--knowing full well that multiples are the usual outcome--to a woman who already has SIX kids???? I think that license to practise should be thrown out the window--I just don't know--maybe she found some crazy "all for the babies" Dr--or maybe she lied out her ass--I don't know. But no decent Dr. would do that sort of thing. And I personally think she just got "dumped" onto Kaiser Medical to handle the problem once the shit went down--I don't blame that group much.

Now this woman did not have six older kids and this is one of those "Cougar wants to give her new boy toy a baby" families--but a YOUNG woman who already has SIX kids??? God in heaven I cannot even wrap my freaking mind around that crap.

She lives with her mommy and daddy--and the Today Show made it seem like the baby daddy really wasn't in the picture (man I hope that is wrong). Grandpa says that they have some huge house somewhere that they are going to live in where they will never be found--umm, yeah. I saw a pic of what you are living in now--and I'm guessing there are at least NINE of you living in it now--I would have made the move a long time ago.

"No one will find us"? Yeah right--until you start needing all the free shit or the Duggars come and hunt down your ass for stealing their thunder. Do you think TLC has moved in for the kill yet??

Again--I'm stunned

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Kelley said...

Yeah this chick has issues. I read today that the 6 kids that she already has (ages 7-2) were all in-vitro as well. The latest rumor is that ALL 14 have the same bio-dad; supposedly she had embryos frozen, and decided to pop them all in the oven at once. She's only 33. WTF?! And now her dad is going back to Iraq to work as a contractor to support her crazy ass.

I'm sure on some level, she took a look at the Duggars and Jon & Kate and thought her ship had come in. I don't think it works like that, though. The Duggars will cut a bitch for coming in on their turf.

How appropriate- my word is 'castrali'. Because someone should castrate the dr that decided it was ok to do this.