Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello Mr. President and WTF?????????????

OK--so in respect for the new President, I have removed the "NObama" decal from my car window. He is my President for the next four years and I hope the best for him.

I fired up CNN.com to watch the inaug. at work. I was hoping to be inspired and given a message of some hope for our country's future. I was happy to witness history, but I didn't feel much more than "meh" about his speech--it's already been said, now it's time to "show me".

I was going to turn off the "show" and get back to work when I decided to just let the poem and prayers run in the background--so "glad" I did. The poem didn't make much sense and I didn't really care, but the benediction totally PISSED ME OFF.

The prayer started off on the right foot--but was that man channeling Rev. Wright at the end? WHAT THE HELL was "when all that are WHITE embrace what is RIGHT" about?

Millions of white people put Obama in the White house--millions of white people worked tirelessly on his campaign--why in the hell did he have to ruin what should have been a day of celebration and joining of ALL AMERICANS by playing the race card?

And for "Yellow getting to mellow" go ahead and piss off the Asian population while you are at it.

Getting a new President was going ok for me until that moment--the race card is NEVER a card well played.


t.w.i.t. said...

I wrote a post about today, as well, but yours is far more articulate and succint!

You're right, the "inauguration rap" at the end was completely inappropriate and tarnished the festivities for me, as well.

I really do want to respect President Obama and allow him a chance to prove me wrong. But, in my mile-long post today, I explain how he's gotten off to a bad start with me already, since the election. I'm really not bitter, I just don't have the lofty expectations of his presidency that other people seem to have.

Kelley said...

I wasn't too thrilled with that whole thing, either. Could have been said differently, said better. My biggest hope for this presidency is that as a nation we can finally put the entire race issue behind us. But that takes everyone, not just one race.