Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things--FACEBOOK

OK--I'm on Facebook--and got tagged--thought I'd share this here too. Do you Facebook?

1) I am an "A" type personality Virgo. For those of you who know me--this is a big old "DUH"

2) This June, I will be married for 20 YEARS--holy cow!

3) I love Lucky Charms cereal

4) I don't have a Gall Bladder anymore

5) When I was 17 years old, I was left home alone for the weekend, I threw one HELL of a party and was still finding beer caps behind furniture a week later.

6) The summer I was 16 a friend and I and her boyfriend got on a plane, flew to Florida for the afternoon and came back the same day. All on his dad's credit card. Guy was 23 years old--why I am not dead by now, I will never know.

7) I will never be able to have the "NO Drugs" talk with my kid--thank God I married a saint so he can do it.

8) I am obsessed with the Twilight Books

9) I like to drive REALLY fast--for those of you who "get it"--I drive like a Cullen

10) I do not drive (too) fast when others are in the car with me--I value their lives more than my own

11) I love pretty much any type of fruit

12) I had a C-Section with my daughter after 26 hours of what is now known as the "labor & Delivery from hell" I don't share my birth stories with "1st timers" too scary.

13) I have worked at my same job for 10 years as of March 15th

14) I wish I had gone to Nursing School--any free money out there for me to go back?

15) I despise Cats

16) I miss my "firstborn" Cocker Spaniel Maverick all the time--he's been gone for almost 4 years.

17) I find my New Dog Chase only tolerable

18) I want to live in Austrailia someday--or at least vacation there for a month

19) I cannot sing to save my soul

20) I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler

21) My best friend is in Florida and I miss her every day. She's going thru some crap and I so want to be there for her. DESPERATELY want to be there for her.

22) I love my "Village Peeps" so much--they have blessed my life in many ways

23) I believe in God the Almighty, but I consider myself a religious "Free Agent"--no ties to any one group, but I believe and I pray daily

24) I can still do shots of Tequilia

25) I took a ROADTRIP with my BFF to Quantico, VA back in '87--our friend was in the Marines and we partied like rock stars with the Marines for 3 days. Best Girlie Road Trip EVER!

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