Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Blogaversary to ME

Wow--one year ago I started this little peek into my insane mind. You know what--I didn't think I would actually do it this long. Not that I post all the time or have great thoughts or insight, but it's been fun and place to "get it all out" sometimes

So--Happy Blogaversary to me!!!

Oh and for God's sake--will it EVER warm up around here? IT was -6 this morning with the wind chills lower than -20. I'm sick of seeing the 6 FEET of snow piled at the end of my driveway from shoveling--I'm tired of snow in general--I'm sick of winter! Blech. End Rant.


Kelley said...

Happy Bolgaversary! I forgot my own blogaversary, how sad is that? I should send myself flowers or something.

We are FINALLY warming up here. Highs in the 50s today and up in to the 70s maybe by the weekend. But since this is Kansas, there will be a cold front that will bring thunderstorms and probably tornados next week.

Lurker Girl said...

SHUT UP WOMAN! It was -6 with windchills in the -20's last night. -2 when I left for work this morning.

We might see 50 this weekend--then all the snow will melt and we will flood--good times!