Friday, February 27, 2009's Friday--payday Friday to be exact

OK--so today was my first paycheck with my employer induced "Voluntary" hour reductions on it. OMG! I really didn't realize that my check would go down THAT much only working 4 days a week--but for God's sake, it's quite a shock.

Thank God I had my "banked" commissions also payout with this check--but that cleared out my bank and in 2 weeks (with no business coming in) I will freak out when my "salary" check is the only thing I have.

OK world--shape up, pull your head out and get business back going again--momma needs to make a mortgage payment!

Will this recession EVER end?

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Kelley said...

I keep waiting for *something* to happen at my employer, too. They keep assuring us our jobs are safe, but...I have a constant loop of the worst case scenario running in my head, and it ain't pretty!