Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm officially a bitch....wait--I passed bitch a long time ago. I'm SUPERBITOCH

OK--sorry that it's been a while, but nothing is going on in my life so I shan't bore you with trivial things. But seeing as I surpassed bitch and moved right into SUPERBIOTCH, I thought I'd share.

I am a horrible horrible person...why you ask? Well, it's because I will not donate money to a funeral plaque/supper.

Why Amy, you ARE a horrible person you say--well, I guess I am. But first--some background.

Said reciever of "gift" is not my friend. We are together in social settings with other joint friends in my neighborhood. That's it. We don't call each other to chat, we don't hang out at each other's homes. We do the polite "nod and wave" if we are at a function, but no attempt to be other than courteous to each other applies.

Last August, said person had a baby. I was feeling nice and generous back then--I bought the new child a gift and made garlic bread and a dessert for a dinner that was taken to her. I was not invited to her shower, or other gathering for the pending birth, but I still felt like being nice for some reason (no you cannot hold it to me that I can be nice--I'm not nice--I'm a bitch).

Let's see--it's been almost 8 MONTHS since I gave the gift and I have yet to get a verbal or written Thank you. RUDE RUDE RUDE little person. I handed her the gift mind you--not a "drop off"--and she didn't even thank me when taking it from my hand.

I am such a horrible bitch that I even called her on her shit at another group function--about how I saw a birth announcement and thank you card at another mutal friend's home and that did she lose my address? (I live 2 blocks from her mind you--no stamp was even required--she could have stuck it in my door).

She had the NERVE to inform me that she was so busy with the new baby and her husband and her other son--she didn't have TIME (she doesn't work outside the home mind you). I replied that I have a child, a husband a FULL time job outside the home and somehow I still managed to fins time to get her a gift. I then walked away from her and we have not spoken since.

Said person's Grandfather died over the weekend. I found out thru the other friends--who had all received texts and phone calls that he passed. I was not personally informed at all--fine, we're not friends, I'm ok with that. Sorry Grandpa passed--rest in peace dude.

I get an email--sent out to the "friend group" that donations for a supper and gift were to be given to email sender by Tuesday --just give what you always do for things like this and let me know if you can go to the funeral as a show of support for our friend.

RECORD SCRATCH---- WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me???? I'm freaking floored. I decided to be polite and give a courtesy reply that I would not be contributing at all---so that they would not buy things planning on getting money from me--and no one get's stuck with my portion. I don't feel that I need to be involved in this due to the fact that we are not friends, barely aquaintences AND I'm frankly still pissed that she regards me so little that she cannot even be bothered to thank me for the last gift I sent.

I was sent back an email saying "Thanks for your COURTESY" With Courtesy--being typed in italics, bolded and "quoted". WTF with that ??????

OK--so have I moved into SUPERBIOTCH mode or am I justified??????


Kelley said...

If that makes you a superbitch then move on over and pour me a drink! I would have done the same exact thing. If she can't be bothered to even utter the word 'thanks' when you took the time, money and effort to give a gift and food, then she really wouldn't appreciate your support now that Grampy has passed. People like that piss me off.

t.w.i.t. said...

You know how I know I'm a bitch? Because I'm thinking everybody's grandpa dies, and the only reason to express sympathy is because someone is a genuinely kind and decent person, and you know they are appreciative of your concern and well-wishes. This girl does NOT sound like that kind of person.