Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sirrus Radio, I can't quit you--LITERALLY, I CAN'T QUIT YOU!!

OK when the new car was purchased back in '08 Sirrus radio was included for 1 year for free. DH renewed the following year because they had a good deal going to stay a customer.

This last year we had nothing but trouble with the damn thing--had to get "pinged" to reset the service at least once a month--it just became irritating. Then we got the renewal notice and saw that they wanted us to pay $179.00 for the "priveledge" of having their intermittent service. Um yeah--BIG FAT NO!

Anyheeew DH called back in December to say that he no longer wanted the service, what did he have to do? He was told that it would be noted that he wanted his service discontinue and that when the bill came, just don't pay it and the service will be shut off at the end of the contract date.

Very good.

Fast forward to Feb--when the service was due to end. Sirrus is still going strong (side note--the service has been working PERFECTLY since DH called to cancel--no pings needed, no mess ups, no break up, NOTHING). We come and go past the service date--Sirrus is still working.

Last Monday night we get a call from Sirrus saying that we owe them $179.00 and it's past due.


Dh proceeds to inform the stupid ass on the other end of the phone about the conversation he had with "Dan" back in December (yes, I still had his name--I'm anal--I keep notes on EVERYTHING). Stupid ass says--why yes Mr. Lurker, we do see that note, but "DAN" had no authority to cancel your subscription.


Then why is Dan answering the damn phone at Sirrus???????? DH asked and Stupid Ass really had no answer except for: Well, I can certainly stop your service, but you will owe us for the days you have "enjoyed" our service. Yeah stupid ass, I don't think so. We are NOT paying for service that we 1) didn't ask for and 2) TOLD YOU TO CANCEL 3 months ago!

Stupid ass said that there was nothing they could do about that and we had to pay the $27.00--at that point a supervisor was asked for. "MEGAN" ended up hearing the story and said that she would just take care of the $27.00 since we had so much "trouble" and to not worry about it--but our service would be turned off immediately. We said we were fine with that--we didn't want it anyway.

A few days ago we got a notice from Sirrus--"Please renew your account with us" A special rate, just for you--blah blah blah--right in the trash it went!

YESTERDAY I get a YELLOW envelope from Sirrus with "ACCOUNT PAST DUE" stamped on it--with a bill for $27.00. FUCK ME! I get on the phone and ask to speak with "MEGAN"--she of course is not available, but "Antoine" is happy to be of help. I explain the whole damn story again and he pulls up the account--all the info is listed there--with a note saying that we owe them nothing--our balance is ZERO. Then why in the hell did I get a bill? Antoine has no idea--just throw it away. No way in hell am I throwing that away--it's covered in notes of my call with "toine".

OH! 10 days after our call with Megan, our service is STILL on!



kami said...

My best friend just went thru the same thing with them... She finally told them she was going to pay to take an ad out in a paper telling everyone the problems she has had with them and suddenly everything was fixed!

Anonymous said...

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TheSasauian said...

Shannon said...

I bought a new car back in March of 08 and it came with Sirrus radio and I almost renewed at the end of the year but now I'm glad I didn't!