Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mamma says Lipitor is the "DEBIL"

OK--when my cholesteral came back with a reading of "OH MY GOD", the good Dr. put me on Lipitor. OK I thought, what ever will bring it down right? But there was still this little voice inside me that said--"girlie--try it naturally first--eat more fruit and fish before you drug yourself up with more stuff."

I should have listened to my little voice.

About 5 days into taking the Lipitor, I developed an eye twitch in my right eye. I used to get them from drinking too much caffiene, but I have drastically reduced my caffiene in take since the beginning of the year--so I ruled that out, but didn't give it much other thought.--maybe stress who knows. Then about 3 weeks into the Lipitor, my back started KILLING me. I thought it was because I shoveled some heavy ass snow during our last big snow storm--but 3 weeks after the pain started, it was only getting worse--no pain relief would touch it.

I went for a regular check up and mentioned the back pain and the eye twitch to the Dr. She said that she was going to order some extra bloodwork to see what was going on--but to keep taking everything until she got the results back.

Well that was on the 9th--by the time I was scheduled to take have the bloodwork done (at the 6 week point of the Lipitor), my eye was driving me nuts and I felt almost crippled by the pain in my back. I had the blood work done and I decided to quit taking the Lipitor--screw waiting for the blood tests to come back.

Guess what?????

By day 2--no more eye twitch--it was totally gone. Today is one week later and my back pain is down to almost nothing--It was totally managable by day 4 off the pills and today I didn't even take any Aleve at all.

I refuse to take Lipitor ever again! I did some research over the weekend and found that Statins in general are causing WAY more harm than good--research is even pointing to early onset alzheimer's being caused by them.

Our body NEEDS cholesteral to repair itself--when the body is messed up, it makes more to fix it and the statins kill the CoQ10 your body needs. It's been advised to add fish oil, flax seed and TONS of vitamin C via fruits, veggies and fish (gee, didn't my little voice tell me that?) or via supplements. Since my diet does suck, I have bought the supplements and will give them a go and see how my blood work turns out the next time.

I also hereby promise to eat better and get off my butt to exercise. It's going to be hard, but I refuse to put Statins in my body ever again.


Phoenix Jewellery Designs said...

thanks for reminding me to trust my own inner voice..I know I'm always right when it comes to ME

Mrs Ruth Ferez said...

I never knew that about cholesteral.

Alexis said...

I'm glad I came across your blog! My husband has high cholesterol. He has been given a a prescription for Lipitor and I feel the same way...control with diet, there is a way to do in naturally! So, the script is sitting on top of the fridge where I hope it stays!
Good Luck with your cholesterol!

Ro Magnolia said...

Just randomly came across your blog & saw your note on Lipitor. My husband has "borderline" cholesterol problems - not really high, but high enough that the doctor decided to prescribe Lipitor. After a month on the stuff, my husband felt like someone was beating him up with a baseball bat every night. He ached so badly. But yeah, being male he didn't tell me till a month had gone by and I was like, why are you limping? What's going on? and he finally told me and I looked up possible side effects of L.

He stopped taking it and within 2-3 days was back to his normal pain-free life. His doctor SCOLDED him for stopping and said he should have come in IMMEDIATELY. I was just royally pissed that he never even gave us the option of trying to lower my husband's cholesterol with diet changes before starting on drugs. Now with diet changes, his cholesterol is usually okay and still at its worse is only borderline into the high.

BOOO to Lipitor!