Monday, March 15, 2010

Does it ever end?? had it coming!

OH--so in the world of "Does it ever end?"--my Dad is back in the hospital. If my Dad and I had a Facebook status, it would be "It's Complicated". The relationship is polite and pleasant, but due to "crazy" in my growing up/formative years, it can also be somewhat strained. Things have been better over the last 10 years when I decided to let him back in my life by letting him know he was going to be a grandfather--we're working on things.

Anyheew--he also has a form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma--it's not curable, just managable. As long as the tumors can be removed, they can manage it--once it's in the bones, he's done. They do a maintenance chemo on him every 6 months or so to keep it out of the marrow--so his immune system is weak. He had to have hernia surgery back in Jan--they thought it was a simple fix, but once they got in, they found 6 tears intead of one. The night after the surgery, he crashed--stopped breathing, the whole bit--not good. He was in the hospital for a week fighting infection and a build up of fluids. They sent him home with an arsenal of antibiotics and drain tubes. He has been dealing with this for weeks--keeps getting more drugs and never seems to get better. Well, he went back to the surgeon and he took one look at his stomach and admitted him directly to the hospital. It has been determined that he has STAPH!!!! SO they are going to have to go in and clean him out--more surgery ugh! I feel so bad for him to have to go thru all of this. His wife is very good to keep us posted on everything going on and I feel bad for her too. She is a good woman and they have been thru so much since they got married, but their faith is strong and they depend on it to get them thru.

On the "you had it coming" front: DD and I had to haul our ass up to a birthday party for 5 year old niece yesterday. She is the child of "you must spend money to prove your love" sister in law. The party was fine and then it came time to open up the gifts--they opened up everything from the guests and that went fairly quickly--all the usual kid crap. THEN it came time to open up the MOUNTAIN of presents left over that were from the parents of the child--I counted 25 gifts and then couldn't see the rest and gave up. The SIL could tell that the crowd was getting bored with the over abundance of crazy going on, so they decided to have Niece-in-law open up her "BIG" gift from them. There was a huge build up to this gift--that it had to be for last, because she would ignore EVERYTHING ELSE and go nuts when she saw this thing. Well, you could have heard a pin drop in the room when it came time to open up THE BIG ONE.

They bought their 5 year old a REAL ELECTRIC GUITAR COMPLETE WITH AMPLIFIER. IT was some limited edition Disney Hannah Montana Guitar--it weighed more than the kid and she couldn't even pick it up. NIL took one look at it, turned around and started to play with the SpongeBob bath set she got--demanding that she get to play with the washcloths! God love that little kid--way to go for the dollar sponge and ignore the $200.00 dollar gift!!! Needless to say the parents were doing everything under the sun to get her to play with it and she had no interest! That's what you get I guess.

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