Tuesday, March 15, 2011


OK--it may only be exciting to me, but guess what I saw today?????

THE FIRST ROBIN OF SPRING!!!  Could it be, yes, I think there just might be hope that this long hard cold cruel winter might be coming to an end.

Yes, I know it's only the middle of March and snow is still a pretty good threat around these parts, but the feeling of hope that comes with seeing that little bird just really made my day.

It's been a miserable winter around here (and I think I am getting too old to put up with this crap), but, as with all things, change happens.

I was having a really depressing morning, thinking of those suffering in Japan--the horrible images being shown on TV are enough to make me cry.  The disasterous nuclear event that is happening and could affect many, many people.  These are scary times!  I just have such a horrible feeling about what is to come. 

Then, I saw the robin.  I was remind that to everything there is a season and spring brings hope and new beginnings.......

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