Monday, March 7, 2011

Did someone say LAS VEGAS?? YES PLEASE!

So yeah!  I get to go to Las Vegas!!! #WINNING !! (Thanks Charlie for the tons of laughs this past week)
It's for work, but hubby is riding my coat tails out there, so it will be a mix of business and pleasure!!!  We have not been on vacation ALONE in like forever!!

I am going out to supervise the install of 7 client booths at CON-EXPO.  The worlds largest construction trade event!!!!!!!!!!  Um--ok.  Is this the best I can get? 

I'm not complaining--because hey,I GET TO GO TO VEGAS!, but isn't there something a leeeeettttllle more glamorous than hard hats, cranes and scaffolding that I could be getting a behind the scenes look at?  No?  OK!  I guess when you live and work in the rust belt, it's part of the deal right? the airfare was a SHOCK!  YIKES!  Last time we were in Vegas (for BFF's wedding), it cost like $150.00 round trip for a ticket.  This time:  $615.00!!!  and that is before the baggage charges.  Sent my heart into complete failure!  Thank the deity that we only have to pay for one of us to get out there. We will be staying at Harrah's--I've never stayed there, but it's central to where I will need to be working and playing, and I got a great deal on that--and an upgraded room to boot.

I didn't even give it a thought that we would be in THE VEGAS for St. Patrick's day--but I hear it can be an awful lot of fun that weekend--plus March Madness all the same time.  Craziness!!!

I'm hoping to take in a good show--NO CELINE DION!--maybe one of the new Circ Shows would be cool.  I just want to go out and warm my bones.....I'm sick of winter so maybe this will be a nice kick off to spring!

Anyheeww--that is all I've got going on for now....keep the Tiger blood running thru your veins and I'll catch up with you upon my return.

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maniacski said...

glad you enjoyed vegas