Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whaaaattttsssss UUUUppppppp?

OK--now that we have visited 1998 with that title....

How is everyone's new year going so far?  Since I didn't win the lottery, I am at work as usual--blech.

I had an odd day at work yesterday and it makes me wonder how in the hell my job can be so different from one project to another.....from Cardiovascular Excellence Collegiate PORN!  Yep--made that trip all in one day--sometimes I just shake my head at the vast variety of customers we have in our database....

Anyhew--I'm feeling a little "off", I've was sick as a dog for the whole week between Christmas and New Years--I don't wish that on my enemy...but now I am a week out from the "event" and I have had to start weaning myself off of all of my meds except for the blood pressure stuff.  I think going off the Zoloft is what's messing with me...I'm just feeling weird.  So, I am over stressed and under medicated--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I'm getting very nervous about the "event".  1-I cannot believe I'm actually doing it and 2, the time from the decision to the "event" has just flown by.  This is something purely for vanity and I have told maybe 4 people what is going on....I'll eventually let you all in on it once it's done.  For those of you who have guessed--NO, I am not getting my boobs done (even though they need a massive reduction and "lift")  That will happen eventually--once I can get the insurance to cover it.  This other thing I have been contemplating for about 6 months and I just decided to "go for it".  AAAHHHH!!  What the hell am I doing????? 

So--anything big in store for any of you this year?????

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