Friday, April 8, 2011

How is it possbile....

How is it possible for my DD to be 10 years old?  I just gave birth to her right?  She is no longer a baby, when did this happen?

Dear sweet little girl who stole my heart, you have grown into this amazing child. 

So kind, so compassionate, so funny--I am filled with joy.

Your smart mouth and so much attitude-- so much like me in so many ways that it drives me crazy! 

Your mannerisms, your intelligence, your smile--they overwhelm me!

Your inability to clean your room, to pick up your crap or to brush your hair--sends me to the freaking EDGE!

Your curiosity, your bravery, your ability to forgive--it makes me proud!

Your singing, you teaching smaller children, your patience--makes my heart full.

All of these things make you the wonderful daughter that you are and I am SO glad to be your Mom!

Happy 10th Birthday baby!

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