Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Staycation Part 3--Put-In-Bay

So Sunday was the most awesome weather day--so we took off for "The Bay".

Put-In-Bay, OH to be exact--fun filled family time by day, drunken crazy by night. As were were waiting for the Miller Ferry to take us over, the first ferry pulled in and all the hung over drunks from Saturday night were off loaded. Those were some sorry looking folks--included a few who looked a little "green around the gills" if you know what I mean.

We got over to the island, picked up our rental golf cart (man did the price ever go up on those--yikes!) and headed off to see the Perry Memorial and Peace Monument:

It's like 35 stories tall and we took the elevator up to the top to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Erie:

Ontaria Canada's mainland is just 23 miles from the Bay----you can see some of the Canadian smaller islands from here on a clear day. What else is off in the distance you ask?

Oh yeah--The Nuclear Reactor Cooling Tower for Davis Bessie--nice--yes, we live near one of those things--three actually because in a another direction you can see the twin cooling towers of FERMI Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan

We then took off to Heinemans Winery for mama's trip to the "motherland". Heinemans--Home of the Pink Catawba, The Niagra and The Sweet Belle wines that mama holds so dear to her heart. We took DD down into the Geode (sp?) cave there--It's all crystals and pretty cool. This is what learning about something fun looks like:

I ordered my case of wine (bulk discount ya know) to be waiting for us at the Ferry when it was time to go and then off we went again--touring the island by golf cart, taking the munchkin to the Butterfly house--seeing that they wanted $7.50 A PERSON to go thru the gardens and decided to take her out to the Butterfly house in Whitehouse another time--I mean, come on--almost $25.00 to MAYBE see some butterflies--I don't think so. Mama has her priorities--I could have bought more wine with that kind of money--haha!

We did the lunch thing, we saw a "historic" demonstration about how they used the muskets and bayonnets in the war of 1812 that was fought right here on our Ohio lands:

Then the munchkin played in the park and there were bagpipers--very annoying after a while. This is what "Chillin" looks like:

Then, after about 7 hours, it was time to head on back to the Ferry:

This is what tired and pissy looks like after a day running around the island:


TLC said...

that looks so fun! we were thinking of taking our girls to PIB...but I'm not sure the 18 month old can ride in the golf carts.

anywho...i'm becoming a fan of staycations. our part 3 was soak city last friday. :)

Lurker Girl said...

Oh yeah--you just hook up your car seat and off you go. The last time we were there, DD was only 2. We put the car seat in the front and ONe of us rode on the back seat.

Just get out before the drunks take over--haha!

TLC said...

that is good to know! :)