Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dark Knight......OMG!!

OK--so it took me 3 weeks, but DH and I went to see this on Saturday. OH MY GOD~

What a totally awesome picture--so much action and so intense!!

I know people are going on and on about Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace) and even DH thought--oh it's hype because he's dead now--but NO!!!! Heath is AMAZING in this movie--the "ticks" and facial features and the "Crazy" he had to maintain this character is just out of this world. He truely deserves the Oscar for this.

Looking at Christian Bale for a couple of hours isn't a bad thing either-hee hee!

Maggie G--eh, she did alright, but I really wanted her to blow Katie Holmes' version of Rachel Dawson out of the water--but sadly, she didn't. She was just "fine".

This whole movie and it's twists and turns is an awesome way to spend the time!! Even at full price.

OH--and not sure if all theatres have this now--but at Levis Common's Theatre's there is this White Cheddar power you can sprinkle on your popcorn and it is ORGASMIC!!!! Gotta find some of that business in the store!!

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Kelley said...

I do believe that the fine folks at Kraft make a white cheddar you can buy at the supermarket. It's in a tall, skinny can, like the parmesean cheese.