Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Don't come back till sometime in May. We have enough water here to solve all of Georgia's problems--Why do the places that need the rain do without and those of us who have enough, just keep on getting more?

South of me is once again under water--2nd time since August--they have actually closed access to the entire COUNTY. The Maumee river is out of it's banks everywhere around me--actually yesterday I took River road home and it was out of the banks and covering the lane next to the one I was driving in--so to be a total dork, I swerved over a little and drove partially in that lane--now I can actually say that my car has "driven" thru the Maumee River--dumb I know--but work with me here.

The retention pond at the end of my street is now a retention LAKE and has come up into the streets. Our backyard has a 20' wide lake it in--and the sewer drains have overflowed--not gunky water, but it's where all of our sump pumps drain and my pump has been working overtime--I'm afraid it will give out at any moment. DH is home watching over the basement--too much money and time has gone into finishing it to let it get flooded.

Keep your fingers crossed and pray for the folks in Findlay--some of whom were just now getting back into their homes from the summer floods--they are now under water again!

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