Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Sickness & Health?????

Oh man--I've got me the FLU people. I have been flat on my back for the last 2 days, but I drug mysorry self to work today--just to keep the piles from hitting the ceiling.

Now for those of you who would tell me to keep my sick ass home--be rest assured that I have a private office that I have kept the door closed to all day. I ventured out only to use the facilites--of which I Lysoled the hell out of when I was done and my office has been constantly Purelled throughout the day. Conversation with co-workers has been via email or intercom (very Mr. Tudball-like) ((OK, if you don't know who Mr. Tudball is, I'm going to have to shoot myself because you must be VERY young--it's from Carol Burnett Show--google him, I'll wait))

Anyhew--I'm not of the puking variety--but of the yak up a phlem ball the size of a basketball and sneeze out his little brothers, feel like a truck hit you, went in reverse and hit you again, have no strength at all variety. Should I worry that I have really no idea how I even managed to drive to work today?

Thank God my day is almost over--I am back to bed. I am supposed to be going to this work thing tonight--but I gotta just pass--for the health and safety of others first and formost--but if I win anything and am not there to accept, I hope my co-worker has one hell of a speach written for me. I'll tell you more about taht if something comes of it--if not--it will be "that of which we do not speak".

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Kelley said...

Awww, poor Lurker Girl! This is the bug that traveled around our family and has been going around every school district here. Have some chicken soup and go to bed. Get better soon!