Friday, February 8, 2008

Mitt...we hardly knew ye

Wow--I'm so surprised that he "suspended" his compaign. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that--I am more of a Ron Paul kinda gal, but Mitt was someone I could have thrown my support behind if it came down to him as the Republican Candidate.

John McCain--I just cannot wrap my head around this guy--giving a "free ride" to 20 million illegals to become citizens?--no way--I'm so against that. He's just more of the same old same old that has been mucking up the system. He is trying to join the party by getting on the Ronald Reagan bandwagon--well Mr. McCain, you are NO Ronald Reagan.

Ugh--politics--I just hate it. I find myself turning towards Liberatarians more and more--get the government the hell out of my life. I can take care of myself--I don't need THEM to decide how to run my life. I am not a democratic sheep who follows the person who will just take care of things for me--why not just elect Stalin and give everything you earn to the government--and then they might give you a loaf of bread at the end of the week. I'm also not a rightwind lunatic, bible thumper who thinks hiding behind God makes everything I do ok.

Give me a government for military needs and structural support of the country--but leave me the hell alone after that. I've said this before: Please let me win a giant lottery--I would buy myself and island, move most of my family to it, name myself Queen and seceed from the union. I am sick of the lies and pandering that goes on during election season and nothing ever changes or gets better.

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