Monday, June 8, 2009

The Bitch is Back!!

Hello all,

We are back and I am winding down my last day of vacation--wwwwaaaaaahhhhh!! I am of the sad, but one does have to work whilst one has a job I suppose.

So Last Sunday, we got up and told DD that we were going out to breakfast. She was less than amused, but got in the car. We pulled into the airport and she started with the "Why are we at the airport?" We told her that they put in a new restaurant we wanted to try for breakfast. (Snicker, snort) She was all like ok, whatever, but then we went to the trunk and started pulling out suitcases. She asked why we needed those and we asked where would she really like to go for breakfast? She was totally confused and we yelled--WE'RE GOING TO FLORIDA. Jumping up and down and squeeeeing then ensued.

We had a great time--A day was spent at Daytona Beach, just lying in the sun and listening to the waves. Miki tried her hand at boogie boarding--SHE LOVED IT~~until she got her first mouthful of salty sea water--but she was a trooper and kept on!

We spent another day at Universal Studios--a nice break from all the Disney festivities--one can only take so much of being told to have a "Magical Day" I was ready to cut the next person who said it. I found my next job though--I want to work with Apoo at the Kwik-E-Mart!!! I even tried on a uniform shirt!!

We also had a great day at NASA. We took a "Then and Now" tour that took us out to launch pads and into the blockhouses used during the Apollow and Saturn missions. We got to stand on the launch pad of Apollo 1 which is now a memorial to the 3 men who died during the preflight test of their rocket. It was very somber. We also saw the memorial for the space shuttle astronauts we have lost. The history was amazing--even the 8 year old loved it.

After 5 days of crazy, we left our stress and money behind..and Florida said:

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Kelley said...

Wow, it sounds like a great trip! And I love how you surprised Miki, what a great memory!