Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Leavin'..on a jet plane...unfortunately, I know when I'll be back again

So tomorrow is Miki's last day of school for the year--and as a surprise, we are heading off to the LAND OF MICKEY MOUSE!!! Yes people, even though we are of the major poor, we have decided to help stimulate the economy and go on vacation. Hubby starts his new job on the 8th and it might be a long while before we can do this again, so we are taking the opportunity!

Miki doesn't know--we're not telling her a thing until we pull up to the airport. DH and I are about to bust with excitement and the child has no clue!! FUN!

The bad thing is that I have decided to come down with what I am sure is the swine flu. I was running a fever last night, coughing, sore throat, snot, all kinds of lovely. I am leaving work at noon today and plan on putting myself into a Nyquil induced coma to try and get rid of this crap. I cannot get on a plane in this condition so I hope it's gone by Sunday morning. Wish mama luck getting rid of the death that I am currently feeling.

We are going to make a stop at BFF's place of employment to see her whilst we are in the land of sun and humidity as well--I have not seen her in over a year, so I cannot wait for that. We've got to do at least one park and we have tickets to do a Richard Petty Experience at the "Mick-yard"--Disney's racetrack. Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa Beach are also on the list of fun things to do--there is a steak joint down there that we just love to go to--hope it's still open!

So my lovely readers, all 3 of you, have a wonderful week and I'll post when I get back!!!



Kelley said...

How exciting! Mikki will be so surprised! Get well soon and have a lovely trip!

Theresa said...

your BFF is so excited to too...I can not wait....

TLC said...

oh how fun!