Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next 48 Hour Weather--hold on to yo' ass Dorothy!

Direct from our county Emergency Management Agency!! I LIVE for this kind of stuff people!! If I could be a storm chaser, I would!!! I remember my dad throwing us in the car for these type of things when I was little--nothing better than a strong storm system--as long as no one gets hurt of course. The changing skies, the crackle in the air--it gets my blood going. I think its my animal instincts kicking up!!

"A unique weather situation is developing over the next 48 hours for Wood County . The dynamics in the atmosphere will allow for the development of strong to severe thunderstorms over the forecast period. In this part of the Country, we only see this type of atmospheric development 2-3 times a year. Typically, thunderstorms in this area develop as a result of the daytime heating in the summer months. The following are some details as to what we could expect across NW Ohio over the next 48 hours or so.

Two primary waves of “energy” in the atmosphere will develop and progress across NW Ohio over the forecast period. The first wave of energy will arrive over night tonight (Thursday night-Friday morning). The second wave of energy will arrive over night Friday night into early Saturday morning. These two waves of energy will allow for strong to severe thunderstorms to develop and move through the area in the overnight hours (which is unusual). As stated above, typically we lose thunderstorm intensity as we lose the heating of the day, however, the dynamics of the atmosphere will allow for the potential of strong to severe storms in the overnight hours. The Friday daytime hours will be extremely warm and humid which may allow for additional thunderstorm development during the day. Some rain and thunderstorms may continue into the morning and early afternoon hours of Saturday also, but the severity should be decreased. By late Saturday afternoon and evening, we should see the entire storm system move east of us with clearing skies.

With these thunderstorms, large hail, high winds, and heavy rain will be the primary threat. The potential for tornados are also possible with these types of storms. Over the 48 hour period, some areas in NW Ohio could see 2”-3” of rain which may cause some flash flooding especially in small streams and across roadways.

Please keep this information in mind as we go through the next 48 hours and try to stay tuned into local television, radio, and weather radio updates for the latest information on weather developments. As always, we ask that you to review your work and home preparedness plans. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bradley J. Gilbert, Director

Wood County Emergency Management Agency


Lola said...

It's 2am where I am at and I'm wondering where our storm is. We are under a watch and it still hasn't cooled off, signaling that the rain should be coming shortly. Arghhh!

Lurker Girl said...

Our first round of storms hit about 5 this morning. Huge lighting show, rained and thundered like a mo' fo'. The air is so thick you can see it--and the sun is now trying to come out--not a good combo. We are under a Flash Flood watch and Thunderstorm watch until 2 tomorrow morning. Could get interesting!!