Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2--Mothers and other frustrations

OK--so now that I have cracked on the out-laws (Cracked on? Christ--did I just time travel back to the late 80's or what?)

Anyheeew. MY FAMILY--not quite as full on crazy as the out-laws, but mildly insane just the same. My 2 brothers and sister all live far away from our birth place and our Mother (lucky bastards).

Now when we get together it's a pretty simple, modest affair. Mother hounds us endlessly beginning about August for the EXACT date/time/second that we would be available to do Thanksgiving at her house.

Side Bar: Dear Brother #1 lives in the Columbus area and Dear Sister has hauled her ass to the Indianapolis area--away from all family on both sides (how they got that sweet deal, I'll never know). Dear Baby Brother lives near his Out-laws in the Cleveland area. His MIL is a nurse and works odd holidays, so sometimes we take in his wife's family (a sister, a brother and the odd current date of the moment) as refugees for the holidays that the Mama has to work. They are a nice family and it all works out just fine.

But back to my MOTHER (say it with teenage angst--I still have issues). She is relentless in her need to control what cannot be controlled--especially in all areas that concern her grown adult children. We all have families of our own--and dammnit, would it kill her to let us have a holiday moment to ourselves? Yes, actually, I think it would.

Each one of us is seperately hounded so that she can make HER plans for the holidays. RUE THE DAY that one part of the puzzle doesn't comply with her wishes--and since I am the person who lives closest to her, I am the one who suffers the most. (Yes DB#1, I know you had to basically put out fire that would have burnt down the surrounding neighbors homes last month---but it doesn't make up for the daily crazy I put up with for her).

I get an update almost daily about who is going where, and doing what and why so and so cannot make it or why so and so SHOULD make it, but doesn't want to blah blah blah.

I have said that she should just pick a day, tell eveyone what day, and those who RSVP will be coming, those who don't won't be coming and to LET IT REST!! We all live in different places, we all have different lives--LET IT BE WOMAN.

This year, the stars have all aligned and EVERYONE is coming on Friday. We have been given our part of the food to bring--all is right in the world correct???


I get a call the other night...from the MOTHER...asking me about the plans for Christmas. I tell her that the plans are the same freaking plans we have had for the last 20 years. She's all --oh, I though they might have changed things? I say "Why in the hell would they have changed things?--and why in the hell are you now badgering me about Chistmas--can't we just get thru Thanksgiving first????"

Some how I am now a bitch and she's not talking to me. So, if anyone has room at their house on Thanksgiving, I will be making Whipped Chive potatos, Dinner rolls and Cranberry/Orange salad and would be happy to bring them to YOUR house.....


Kelley said...

Yeah, KC is a bit of a drive from your house, but I will be happy to host you and your whipped spuds!

I told the Husband that just as soon as it's financially possible, we are going somewhere tropical at Christmas, so that we can enjoy at least one holiday.

Families suck!

Lurker Girl said...

You know--I'd be willing to make the drive now that gas is relativly cheap--I have to drive 2.5 hours to suffer and be tortured by the out-laws--what's 6 hours to KC!! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

you know you are always welcome here..Thanksgiving will be Thursday get you plate right before kickoff and enjoy...there will be no snow here either!!! Tropical Holidays think about it..

t.w.i.t. said...

My mother-in-law is the same way. She needs to know what's going on years in advance, but the plans are never to her liking, anyway. She always has to be in control of her kids and their families.

We set a rule a few years ago that we wake up in our own house on Christmas, and do our own thing. I want to enjoy my day with my husband and kid, and I certainly can't do that if she's around!