Friday, November 14, 2008

God seems to enjoy testing me.......

Ok God, I get it.....enough already ok?

1) Hubby still has no job--trying to make his own business work
2) Holidays are coming--I hate them
3) Bills are piling in with no money to pay them
4) Furnace guy informs us last night that the furnace motor is going--1 bearing is bad--the other is hanging on by a thread. Cost to fix? 100.00 just to give me the bad news.....$700 to replace the motor.



Kelley said...

I'm sorry that you've got so much going on! I'm going to continue to pray that some good juju comes your way! I have been exactly where you are, and even when it seems hopeless, it always somehow works out. I know that hearing that doesn't really help, but it's true. You just won't see it that way yet.

t.w.i.t. said...

It's that time of year for equal givings of fortune and misfortune. May things get better for you!

Ms. Bee said...

what is his business?