Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, at least in my house, today you did a great thing! Thank you for extending the extension on the Unemployment payments. We will have a way to eat AND to have a warm house for the next 13 weeks.

Furnace totally went out on Tuesday--so we have had nights in the upper teens here in NW Ohio--and it's been damn cold in the house. Furnace motor is supposed to be installed this afternoon (keep your fingers crossed)--so maybe we will have heat throughout the whole house instead of just one room at a time. (I felt so "little house on the praire")

We were really struggling with how we were going to have the $$ to make all the bills and the furnace motor--but with a little robbing of Peter to pay Paul, we should be ok until the Unemployment kicks back in.

It would better if they would pay retroactively so we could get caught back up--but beggers cannot be choosers--we'll gladly take the government hand out at this point.

It bothers DH to have to take what he is considering "welfare" from Uncle Sam--but I told him, you have paid DEARLY in taxes for many a year (over 2 decades)--we don't live beyond our means and we are not having 20 kids and making welfare our way of life. Times are hard--but this too shall pass. Job hunting sucks and it's been over a year--depression sets in--but this too shall pass.

I hope Mr. Obama had a magic wand to fix the economy (I doubt it), or else many other people are going to be in my shoes in the coming months. He preached a platform of change--but I have seen nothing but the "Clinton Years" rear their ugly head so far. I wouldn't want to be in Obama's shoes...

Posting has been far and few between--so I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving-blessings to you and your families--just in case I don't post before then.



Philly said...

Take Uncle Sam's wefare. It's there for a reason and seems like you could use a helping hand right about now.
Good luck

Kelley said...

You and DH have worked hard and paid in to the system for years. Don't feel guilty for a moment for using the help when you need it.