Friday, November 7, 2008

Can't get a break....

THE LIST--the g-damn LIST!

They have already started calling for THE LIST. I figured I would have at least 3 more weeks of peace and quite. It's like everyone is trying to gang up on me at once!

MOTHER is still not speaking to me--but leaves a message on the machine for Baby Lurker--talking only to her and asking if she would like to go see a production of Peter Pan. Ending it with "Ask your parents if you can go and call Grandma back and let her know" Passive Agressive much woman? God help me.

Then the calls start coming in from THE SIL about what Baby Lurker wants for Christmas--then from the MIL, and she says to get the other SIL a LIST too. Christ on the Cross--if I survive until Thanksgiving it will be a miracle.

SPent 6 hours in a dark room last night trying to get rid of a migrane--so much fun. I think I am under way too much stress.


Randi said...

Thank you for your comment on my Prop 8 rant. I guess I put "majority" in quotes for a reason. I don't believe that after the absentee ballots are counted that this vote will hold up. I also believe there is a large number of Californians that did not or could not vote that wholeheartedly disapprove of the decision.
Have a great weekend!
(haha - my word verification is "sadist")

Anonymous said...

tell them you want have bills to pay...

TLC said...

yeah, aren't the holidays just wonderful? whatev.

however, i can't complain much this year: we have imposed a new rule for my family - only the 4 grandkids get gifts. nothing for the adults. same rule applies to me and DH - i buy him nothing, he buys me nothing.

the stress and anxiety related to xmas is a bit less now, but it is still my least favorite holiday.