Friday, July 18, 2008

Staycation part 2...Cedar Point

Ok--Cedar Point is known as Ohio's Roller Coast--because it sits out on Lake Erie. It's an hour in either direction from Toledo or Cleveland and if you grew up in Northern Ohio, summer was not complete with out a trip to The Point.

Kelley--I know you are going to be all sorts of jealous--but I got to ride this:

Oh yeah baby--that is the Top Thrill Dragster. You shoot up 420 feet straight into the air and then rocket back down--all before the puke even knows it's supposed to blow--120 MPH will do that for you! seriously, you pull about some serious G's during take off. It's awesome. thank God for the "Parent Pass"--I waited in line, hubby drug the munchkin around and then when I was done riding, he got to go up the exit and get right on--sweet deal!

Miki was able to ride some of the coasters as well she JUST missed the 48" cut-off.

Here is "after" the Iron Dragon

Miki then got her song on and did a little Hannah Montana Kareoke at Camp Snoopy

A good time was had by all. 11 hours at the park--and DD was a total trooper!


TLC said...

we just did a "staycation" at CP on July 11-12. We stayed overnight at the Breakers (so fun!) and spent a day at the parks. the kids (4 1/2 and 1 1/2) didn't ride anything "big"...but camp snoopy and planet snoopy were fun.

top thrill dragster, really? i was scared just looking at it. i've turned into a big chicken since having kids. :)

Kelley said...

Well that just looks awesome! I wonder if the g-forces would smooth out the crows-feet I'm getting around my eyes?

Lurker said...

Kelley--the g's you pull smooth out EVERYTHING for about 15 seconds--then it all comes crashing back donw into place once you come to the screeching halt at the end of the ride!!

But man--there is NOTHING like it except for riding in a real NASCAR--which was awesome too--I did the Richard Petty Experience at MIS, The Brickyard, Charlotte and the track in Orlando (The MICKyard at Disney)--it's killer!!